This feature is available to customers whose subscription includes the Terminus Account Hub
and the Engage advertising platform. Additionally, customers will need to have saved account lists created in the Account Hub to use this feature.


Feature Overview

As an addition to our
audience source options for the Engage advertising platform, this feature allows Terminus customers to make their Account Hub Lists actionable by associating them to an advertising tactic on the Display or LinkedIn Sponsored Content channels.


When to Use Hub Lists as an Audience Source

With this feature, Terminus customers will be able to push a saved list of accounts created in the Account Hub directly to our Display or LinkedIn Sponsored Content advertising tactic builder.

Customers that are currently using our direct Salesforce integration with the Engage product, however, may find there are scenarios where leveraging either Account Hub Lists, or Salesforce directly, may be more beneficial.

You may find that using Account Hub Lists as an audience source is beneficial if:

  • You have experienced challenges with getting down to the “right” list of accounts in the current SFDC <> Engage integration.
  • Leveraging the flexibility of the Account Hub’s Global Filters (re: cross-object filtering) to create segmented account lists is more advantageous for Engage advertising efforts.

Note: It is not required to create dedicated account lists specifically for your Terminus advertising efforts. However, if you do wish to create advertising lists, we would suggest grouping those in an advertising-specific folder in the Hub. For example:


  • You want to layer additional data sources on to your account lists that may not be available in SFDC, and are also highly dynamic, like Terminus Engagement Spike or Bombora intent data.
  • You are planning on creating Hub lists that are under 1,500 accounts, and will use those lists for mirrored channel campaign and reporting efforts.
  • You are not using our progression rule functionality heavily in Engage, or have advertising use cases that would not necessarily warrant the need for progression rules (e.g: “Always On Air Cover,” or smaller lists that are easily maintained manually)

You may find that using the direct Salesforce integration as an audience source is beneficial if:

  • Your SFDC segmentation is easily executed in the current Engage integration.
  • You either do not have, or do not plan to incorporate, dynamic data sets, like intent or Engagement Spike, into your advertising strategy.
  • Your Hub Lists are over 1,500 accounts, and you do not want to create dedicated Hub lists for advertising use.
  • You are using our progression rule functionality heavily, and have use cases (e.g. BDR/SDR engagement, stage-based tactics, 1:1s) where accounts are flowing in and out of different advertising tactics regularly.

A few business considerations for leveraging this feature:

  • Only public and read-only folders/lists can be leveraged in the Account Hub > Engage integration. Private folders/lists will not show in the integration.
  • Currently, we are not able to report on LinkedIn Sponsored Content campaign performance (for customers leveraging the Terminus LinkedIn integration) within the Account Hub; only Terminus display advertising performance data will show.
  • The Terminus Engage display channel currently accepts lists of 1,500 accounts or less.
  • The Terminus LinkedIn integration for Sponsored Content Campaigns currently accepts lists of 200 accounts or less.
  • Account Hub lists are static, so your advertising audience will not automatically update unless accounts are manually added/removed, or filtering criteria is changed, in the Account Hub. Additionally, you will not be able to use progression rules if your audience source is an Account Hub list.

Getting Started With this Feature

Launching a New Tactic

To use this feature, customers will first need to have saved Account Lists created in the Account Hub. For tips on getting started with Account Lists, check out this article.


When creating a new advertising tactic in the Terminus Engage product, either through the Display or LinkedIn Sponsored Content channels, customers will first select “Terminus Account Hub” as the audience source in the Engage Campaign/Tactic Builder:


On the next page, you will be asked to select the folder location and specific Account List you will be leveraging for your advertising audience. Once you have selected your Account List, you will have the option to preview the specific accounts we recognize as being a part of that list in the Account Hub.

From there, you will be able to proceed to the normal steps for launching a display advertising or LinkedIn Sponsored Content tactic.

Feature Details

Tactic Detail Page

Once a tactic is submitted customers will see the following information in the Tactic Detail page:

For LinkedIn-integrated tactics, customers will see:

  • Audience Source: Account Hub
  • Account List Name : <List Name>
  • List Last Sync Date: <Date when the list was last updated and synced>

For Display tactics, customers will see:

  • Audience Source: Account Hub*

*For Display tactics, customers will be able to view only the Audience Source at this time. In order to view the associated List name, customers should navigate into the Tactic builder using “Edit Tactic” link

Making Changes to Your Account List

When a customer makes changes to a saved Hub list that is linked to an active Terminus advertising tactic, the following workflows will occur:

Adding Accounts to a List

After adding new accounts to the list, those accounts will go through our standard data matching process before we are able to start serving ads to them.

If the list size exceeds the active account limit for that channel once new accounts are added, those accounts will still be accepted. However, we will not start serving ads to those accounts until more accounts are removed from the Hub list, or are manually inactivated in the advertising tactic.

Removing Accounts from a List

If an account is removed from a Hub list, that account will be removed from the advertising tactic within 24 hours. Customers can also manually turn accounts off in the tactic detail page.

Deleting an Account List

When a customer deletes an entire list in the Account Hub (that is associated to an active advertising tactic), no change will occur to the accounts and associated tactic in Terminus Engage. If this action occurs, we will display a message on the tactic detail page to notify users the Hub list tied to the tactic has been deleted.



Will my advertising accounts lists update dynamically as changes are made in my connected CRM or Marketing Automation platform?

  • No; since lists created in the Account Hub are static, your advertising audience will not automatically update unless accounts are manually added/removed, or filtering criteria is changed, in the Account Hub.

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