Terminus Ad Experiences Platform Walk-Through

This article will provide end users with an overview of each section of the Terminus Ad Experiences platform navigation, and which members of your internal teams might leverage them.


Campaign Overview


What is it?

The Campaign Overview tab is your go-to view for high-level campaign and tactic reporting. On this single page you have the ability to assess high-level program metrics, tactic-level efficiency, and overall performance of advertising campaigns over a selected date range.

Who will use it?

Marketers looking to assess ad campaign performance and do a budget analysis will spend the most time on this page.



What is it? 

The Dashboard tab is where you will find your Top Row Metrics, as well as aggregate-level reporting links. This will give you a snapshot, from an aggregate perspective, as to the impact of your Terminus advertising tactics.

Who will use it?

End users of the Ad Experiences tool will spend time on the Dashboard to understand high-level performance. This will also be the go-to place in Ad Experiences for users to understand impact of advertising on Salesforce.com Pipeline and Revenue metrics from the Top Row Metrics reports.

Site Visits


What is it?

The Site Visits Tab will take you to your Visitor ID data. This is where you will be able to see which targeted and non-targeted accounts are engaging with your brand directly on your website. This is some of the most powerful data in Ad Experiences, as it shows the impact of display as a channel and how it's helping to drive account-level engagement.

Who will use it? 

Marketers will use the Site Visits tab to understand the impact of their advertising campaigns, as you can filter at the campaign level to see an overlay of ad impressions served and site visits by account. Sales will also find this tab useful, as they can dig into specific accounts to understand the exact pages on their site the account is spending time on. All of this data can also be easily exported and shared with external teams. 

Sales and Marketing will find value in the Potential Accounts "Fit+CSV" export. This will provide firmographic data for all non-target accounts coming to your site. The information in this report is actionable both from a marketing programs perspective, and for prioritized sales outreach.

Engagement Spike


What is it?

The Engagement Spike tab is where you will go to make Visitor ID even more actionable for your sales team. Here you can build Spike Models around the most valuable pages on your website. These inputs will generate a weekly report that shows which accounts are showing the most relevant engagement on your website that week. This will enable your sales team to prioritize their weekly outreach in a strategic manor.

Who will use it?

While this data is most relevant for sales, marketers will also want to familiarize themselves with these reports. This will help the marketer keep a pulse on the effectiveness of running campaigns, as the most effective campaigns will likely net more spikes in account engagement.

Ad Library


What is it?

The Ad Library tab is a place to see which ads you’ve used in past and present Terminus tactics. Ads in the library can be used in any future tactics, so it is helpful to keep up with what is already in the library - this can save a decent amount of time and effort.

Who will use it?

Marketers who are launching tactics will be the primary users of the Ad Library. Members of the design/creative team may also want to familiarize themselves with this tab, as it can help guide them in building assets for future tactics.



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