This feature is available to all Terminus customers whose subscription includes Embedded Intent Powered by Bombora.

If you purchased your Bombora license through Bombora directly, or if you have questions about your current Terminus plan, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

Feature Overview

Terminus Data Studio delivers intent and engagement data, combined with your CRM data, to provide predictive account identification, audience creation, and prioritization.

Embedded Intent Powered by Bombora delivers  Bombora Company Surge® natively within Data Studio, so marketers can easily:

  • Create audiences with specific combinations of intent, engagement, and firmographic features.
  • Action intent signals quickly with multi-channel advertising.
  • Deliver intent trends to sales via Account Insights in Salesforce.

Once their topic selection has been configured, Terminus customers will be able to view “Intent Topic” as well as “Last Intent Date” in the Data Studio reporting table, and “Intent Topic” and “Last Intent Surge” as global filters.


About Bombora

Bombora is the leading provider of intent data for B2B sales and marketing

Intent signals and topics are gathered through billions of monthly content consumption events. Proprietary deep-learning technology digests context, relevance, and density of the content to identify applicable business topics (updated quarterly). Then, it gathers a baseline of a business’ interest in that topic, and surfaces the changes to measure if that level of interest has increased, decreased, or stayed the same compared to the historical norm. The higher the interest (a “Surge Score” in Bombora’s terms), the more likely that a business is in-market for the related product or service it is researching.

Bombora's data aligns marketing and sales teams, enabling them to take coordinated action when a company is actively researching a topic more than usual. Marketers armed with intent data can drive more qualified demand, while sales teams can use it to prioritize accounts where they are likely to have more quality conversations.

The source of this data is the first co-operative of premium B2B media companies. Members contribute content consumption and behavioral data about their audiences that are aggregated into over 6,000+ intent topics.

Topic Selection

Every Terminus Data Studio user can select up to 18-25 intent topics, (total number of topics may vary based on your Terminus pricing plan), to use as part of their global filters to quickly and easily filter their reporting views, create account lists, and launch advertising campaigns based on intent data.

Within the Data Studio configuration page, you can search for specific topics, or filter based on topic theme and category. Topics can include your company or competitor names (for acquisition and retention programs), general topics in your industry (to create better content and messaging for acquisition or expansion programs), or use cases and pain points specific to disparate product lines (for all programs). 

We'd recommend syncing with your marketing, sales, and customer success teams to determine the intent topics you would like to monitor for your acquisition, expansion, or retention ABM programs. Your Terminus Onboarding Specialist and/or Customer Success Manager can also help make recommendations for your business. 

Here are some additional best practices and recommendations for topic selection:

  • Reviewing the keywords in your SEO program can be a good starting point when thinking about topic selection. Unlike keywords, however, Company Surge® will not need an exact keyword match to detect intent, so you won’t need to use multiple topics to cover keyword variations, (e.g. “account-based marketing” and “ABM”). 
  • Bombora’s topic taxonomy is extensive (6,000+ topics), but only a certain percentage of topics are actual company names. If you plan on searching for your company name, or your competitor’s name, keep in mind that some companies may not currently be available in the taxonomy. 
  • If your organization has multiple products or services lines, we’d recommend focusing on one or two of those to start with when selecting topics. Limiting topic selection to 1-2 topics per product/service may lead to ineffective or incomplete results, so it’s best to start with an initial, more narrow focus and test and refine from there. 

You can view Bombora's current taxonomy, in full, by navigating to their homepage:



Configuration in Terminus Data Studio

Please reach out to your Terminus Customer Success Manager or Onboarding Specialist to ensure this feature has been enabled for you. 

Once you’ve confirmed that this feature has been enabled, you can access the Bombora configuration setup page by navigating to User > Configuration > Bombora Intent. There you will be able to search for new intent topics, and view your previously selected topics. 

To add new topics, you will select the  Screen_Shot_2019-09-06_at_2.11.41_PM.png button next to the topic name. Similarly, you can remove topics by selecting the Screen_Shot_2019-09-06_at_2.11.46_PM.png button under the "Selected Topics" section. Once your adjustments have been made, you will scroll down, below the Score Threshold section, and select "Save."


Feature Note: Topic Search Functionality

Currently, in the Terminus interface, our search functionality will only return topic options based on 'starts with' logic, rather than 'contains'. For example, if you are looking for the topic "workplace safety," typing "safety" into the search bar would currently not return a match; rather, you'd need to first type in "workplace" to see that option.

In the future, we will look into enhancing this feature to include more flexible wildcarding functionality. If you need assistance with topic selection in the meantime, please work with your Terminus Onboarding Specialist or Customer Success Manager.

The Composite Score Threshold will be locked at a score of 70 for all Terminus customers, and cannot be adjusted. This score indicates the intensity to which a business is demonstrating intent on a particular topic compared to its historical baseline. Scores range from 0 to 100, where scores above 70 are demonstrating active intent.

If you would like help strategizing on your topic selection before confirming, please reach out to your CSM to assist. Once your topics have been selected and saved, you will be able to update your topics on a quarterly basis.

How the Integration Works

After selecting your initial topics and completing the internal configuration setup in the Terminus application, you can use the Data Studio columns and Global Filters to view and filter your CRM data by accounts that have demonstrated intent in specific topic(s) during a selected date range.

Note: Both the "Account Name" and "Domain/Website" fields will need to be populated in your CRM for intent to show on the account in Data Studio.

The fields surfaced in Data Studio include:

  • Intent Topic: All topics an account is considered to be Surging on, based on the Composite Score Threshold. Your topics will be available within the Global Filters section as separate selections.
    • Note: These values will only appear as options in Global Filters when there are accounts that have Surged on those corresponding topics (data is updated weekly by Tuesdays).
    • Additionally, if you would like to add a new topic that is available in Bombora's taxonomy, but is not yet available in the Terminus interface, please reach out to to have those added for you. 
  • Last Intent Surge/Last Intent Date: The last time an account was considered Surging, or showing intent, on one or more of your topics. The available values are: Last 7 days, Last 14 days, Last 30 Days, Last 90 Days (Ex: Filter for Accounts that have surged on ABM in the last 14 Days). In the Data Studio columns, this will show as “Last Intent Date.”
    • Note: These values will only appear as options in Global Filters when there are accounts that have Surged in those corresponding time ranges (data is updated weekly by Tuesdays).

Accounts that are Surging on one or more of your topics for a selected time range will be shown as a comma delimited list in the Intent Topic column of Data Studio:


Customers can also use the Global Filter options to build target Account Lists in Data Studio. From there, you can run Terminus advertising campaigns to Surging accounts, view pipeline activity accounts showing intent, or export your data to execute on other ABM-centric activities.

Screen_Shot_2019-02-28_at_3.01.59_PM.png             Intent_Surge_Date.png

Need Ideas for Getting Started with Intent Data?

Check out this video from the Terminus Marketing team!


What is Intent data?

  • Intent data is data collected about a prospective business users’ observed behavior – specifically website consumption – that can provide insights into their interests in certain products or services, and provide signals for your internal teams (sales, marketing, customer success, etc.) to initiate proactive outreach to those accounts.

What is a Topic Score?

  • A Topic Score indicates the intensity to which a company is demonstrating intent on a particular topic compared to its historical baseline. In the Terminus integration, accounts with a surge score of 70 or greater will be considered to be showing intent. 

How often can I change my topics?

  • After initial topic selection, Terminus customers will be able to update their topics on a quarterly basis. Please connect with your Terminus CSM for further details.

How often is the Bombora Surge data updated in Data Studio?

  • On a weekly basis (updated by every Tuesday), Data Studio will update with newly available Bombora Surge data. All previous Surge data will be available unless a new Surge occurs on the same account, which replaces previous data.

Do I have to be targeting accounts with Terminus advertising to see Bombora Surge data for them?

  • No; we will show the intent data for an account as long as it is in Data Studio.

Does Bombora's intent data capture activity from users outside of North America?

  • Bombora collects intent signals from across the world. More than a third of their data is sourced outside of the United States.


Can I get Bombora intent data pushed back to my Salesforce instance, or another 3rd party platform?

  • No; the Terminus <> Bombora integration will not include a data push back to any 3rd party platforms. This information will be displayed within Terminus's Account Insights package, available to Salesforce users of Data Studio, and your Data Studio data can also be easily exported via .CSV. 

If I have access to Bombora Company Surge data via a 3rd party, such as DiscoverOrg or Everstring, or if I purchased intent data directly through Bombora, will I be able to use the integration?

  • If you've already purchased Bombora from Bombora directly, you will be able to access your topics in Data Studio. However, you will not have access if you've purchased through another third party. 

What if some of my desired topics aren’t available yet?

  • If you have topics you’d like to suggest as additions to Bombora’s taxonomy that are not currently available, you can send them to your Terminus Onboarding Specialist or Customer Success Manager, along with a brief description. These topic suggestions will then be sent to the team at Bombora for review. However, the process for adding new topics to the taxonomy can take several months to complete, so this should not be used as an immediate solution for new topic solution.  

How often is Bombora’s taxonomy updated?

  • Topics are added to the taxonomy every 4-6 months based on new industry trends and customer suggestions.

What if I don’t see an available Bombora topic in my Data Studio instance?

  • Bombora's current full topic taxonomy is available to download at If you see a topic in that list that is not currently available to select in Data Studio, please reach out to for further assistance.          


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