Currently, this feature is only available to customers that have purchased Bombora Company Surge data directly through Terminus, or are already Company Surge customers through Bombora. This feature is also only available to Terminus customers whose subscription includes the Terminus Account Hub.

If you are interested in learning more about Terminus’s partnership with Bombora, please reach out to your Terminus Customer Success Manager or Onboarding Specialist.

Integration Overview

The Bombora integration with the Terminus platform will bring in Bombora Company Surge data directly in to the Account Hub to allow end users to more easily and effectively operationalize and take action on engagement signals from their target accounts.

Terminus customers will be able to view “Intent Topic” as well as “Last Intent Date” in their Account Hub columns, and “Intent Topic” and “Last Intent Surge” as Global Filters (in the Terminus Global Filters section).


Internal Configuration

Your Terminus Customer Success Manager or Onboarding Specialist will initially configure the integration in the Account Hub for you. From there, the configuration setup will be available to customers to adjust their topics as they’d like. You can access the configuration setup page by navigating to User > Configuration > Bombora Intent.


The areas available for custom configuration include:

  1. Topic Selection - If you’ve already worked with us to select your topics, you can search and select them right within the app; you can also select new topics to track. You can also select topics directly in the Terminus app. The topic taxonomy will be updated automatically when Bombora updates their taxonomy. A maximum of 12 topics can be selected by the customer at one time. Customers can use the “Topics” section to search for new available topics at any time (see the FAQ section for our recommendation on how often these should be updated or changed).
  2. Composite Score Threshold - The Company Surge score indicates the intensity to which a business is demonstrating intent on a particular topic compared to its historical baseline. Scores range from 0 to 100, where scores above 60 are demonstrating active intent (recommended baseline).

How the Integration Works

After selecting your initial topics and completing the internal configuration setup in the Terminus application, you can use the Account Hub columns and Global Filters to view and filter your CRM data by accounts that have demonstrated intent in specific topic(s) during a selected date range. The fields surfaced in the Account Hub include:

  • Intent Topic: All topics an account is considered to be Surging on, based on the Composite Score Threshold. Your topics will be available within the Global Filters section as separate selections. Note: These values will only appear as options in Global Filters when there are accounts that have Surged on those corresponding topics.
  • Last Intent Surge/Last Intent Date: The last time an account was considered Surging, or showing intent, on one or more of your topics. The available values are: Last 7 days, Last 14 days, Last 30 Days, Last 90 Days (Ex: Filter for Accounts that have surged on ABM in the last 14 Days). In the Account Hub columns, this will show as “Last Intent Date.” Note: These values will only appear as options in Global Filters when there are accounts that have Surged in those corresponding time ranges.

Accounts that are Surging on one or more of your topics for a selected time range will be shown as a comma delimited list in the Intent Topic column of the Account Hub:


Customers can also use the Global Filter options to build target Account Lists in the Hub. From there, you can run Terminus advertising campaigns to Surging accounts, view pipeline activity accounts showing intent, or export your data to execute on other ABM-centric activities.

Screen_Shot_2019-02-28_at_3.01.59_PM.png             Intent_Surge_Date.png


What is Intent data?

  • Intent data is data collected about a prospective business users’ observed behavior – specifically website consumption – that can provide insights into their interests in certain products or services, and provide signals for your internal teams (sales, marketing, customer success, etc.) to initiate proactive outreach to those accounts.

What is a Topic Score?

  • A Topic Score indicates the intensity to which a company is demonstrating intent on a particular topic compared to its historical baseline. Scores range from 0 to 100, where scores above 60 are demonstrating active intent. Customers will be able to adjust their Topic Score Threshold within the integration app (default/recommendation will be set at 60 or above). We do not recommend lowering your score past 40. 

How do I select my topics?

  • After purchasing Bombora Surge data, you can work with your Terminus CSM or Onboarding Specialist, to select up to 12 topics you’d like to start with. From there, you will be able to search for new topics directly within the Terminus integration app.

How often can I change my topics?

  • Customers can change their topics whenever they like. We would recommend updating your topics no more frequently than every few months, or once a quarter.

How often is the Bombora Surge  data updated in the Account Hub?

  • On a weekly basis, Account Hub will update when the next Bombora report is available. All previous Surge data will be available, unless a new Surge occurs on the same account, which replaces previous data.

Do I have to be targeting accounts with Terminus advertising to see Bombora Surge data for them?

  • No; we will show the intent data for an account as long as it is in the Account Hub.

With this integration, will I still have direct access to the Bombora UI to upload lists and download Surge reports?

  • Yes.

Can my Bombora intent data be pushed back into my Salesforce instance?

No; currently we do not have a direct integration with our Bombora application and Salesforce. However, all exported .CSV reports in the Account Hub will contain the SFDC Account ID, so Bombora data can be uploaded easily into Salesforce. 

Will I be able to view my Bombora billing information in the Terminus app?

  • No, we will not be including billing within our application.

Is there an additional cost to use this integration?

  • Yes. For Terminus customers who aren’t already a Bombora customer, the integration is $18,000 for an annual contract (access to Company Surge and monitoring 12 topics at one time). For more information, please contact your Terminus CSM or Onboarding Specialist.

If I have access to Bombora Company Surge  data via a 3rd party, such as DiscoverOrg or Everstring, will I be able to use the integration?

  • If you’ve purchased through a third party, please contact your Terminus CSM to discuss further.



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