To use this feature, you must have the Terminus Engage product (advertising) as part of your subscription, you must be a Salesforce CRM customer, and you must have our Salesforce integration enabled in the Engage product.

Additionally, you should have Account-Based Visitor ID installedEngagement Spike models created, and display advertising campaigns running to leverage the full value of the feature.

What is Sales Insights?

This is a way for sales and marketing teams to easily leverage account engagement data to prioritize and personalize outreach to the hottest accounts.

Sales Insights delivers account engagement data, Engagement spike alerts, and digital advertising results from the Terminus ABM platform into Salesforce. Your sales team can now:

  • See how marketing is driving engagement via Terminus account-based advertising
  • Get a clear signal when an account is actively researching their offering
  • Personalize outreach based on an account’s browsing behavior

Unlike alerts from marketing automation, Sales Insights aggregates engagement at the account level from anonymous web traffic, allowing salespeople to identify engaged accounts earlier. Sales Insights uses algorithmic account engagement scoring to alert sales when an account is actively researching your solution.

Installing Terminus's Sales Insights Package in Salesforce

NOTE: Before installing, make sure that someone with READ/WRITE SFDC access is the one downloading the package (SFDC Admin/Operations roles).

  • Visit this link as a Salesforce Admin:
    • If you have SFDC Enterprise+

    • If you have SFDC Professional

  • Click Install for All Users (Or specific profiles if necessary for your organization).
  • Click Install.
  • Once installed in SFDC, please notify your Terminus CSM or our Support team at

Installing in a Sandbox Environment

To install in an SFDC sandbox environment, please use the following links:

    • If you have SFDC Enterprise+

    • If you have SFDC Professional

However, if you would like to have a "test" data push initiated while in sandbox, please connect with your Terminus CSM or Onboarding Specialist.

To customize the layout on the
Account object:

Click Edit layout on the top right of any account:


Create a new section named "Terminus Metrics."


Drag each field that you want to show into that section (recommended layout is below).

Available fields to map on Account object view:

  • Last Spike Date
  • Spike Percent
  • Engaging On
  • Most Visited High-Value Pages
  • Most Visited Awareness Pages
  • Spike Heat
  • Last Visit Date
  • Web Visits
  • People on Site
  • Last Ad Click Date
  • Last Ad Impression Date
  • Ad Clicks (30 Day Snapshot)
  • Ad Clicks (90 Day Snapshot)
  • Ad Impressions (30 Day Snapshot)
  • Ad Impressions (90 Day Snapshot)

NOTE: This package will include 24 total fields as part of the installation, and all 24 fields are required as part of the package installation. These include date stamp fields for when metrics were updated that we include for debugging purposes. We only include the 15 fields mentioned above on the page layout that are relevant to end users.

The complete package install should look like this:


Permissions can either be applied to all people during installation or to only the installer, and then the installer can provision out access based on your organization's needs.

Recommended install layout:


Troubleshooting notes:

  • Users must have Bulk API enabled in their SFDC instance in order for data to push back properly.
  • For advertising-only customers, data will push back to the Account object in SFDC only for accounts that are also targeted in Terminus advertising tactics.
  • For customers that have access to Account Hub as part of their subscription, we will push data back to all CRM accounts, including accounts targeted in Terminus advertising tactics. 
  • We push real time-data daily, no historical pushback.
  • This package is unmanaged by Terminus.
  • If you are not seeing data push back once the install is confirmed, please ensure “View Setup and Configuration” is enabled in Administrative Permissions:

1. Log into the CRM org as a System Administrator.

2. Navigate to the end-user profile.

3. Click Edit.

4. Scroll down to Administrative Permissions section, alternatively use CMD/CTRL + F.

5. Enable the View Setup and Configuration setting.

6. Click Save.

After installing the package, we will also create a “TerminusReports” folder in your Reporting tab in SFDC. The folder should look like this:


For Salesforce Enterprise customers, we will also create a custom Terminus tab:


If it looks like this, instead (no reports showing):


Follow these steps:




And confirm that your profile is enabled:




How much of the Static Resources storage will be used?
  • 350Kb for that hot hot pepper image

Is the Terminus Sales Insights package is unmanaged?
  • Yes, it is unmanaged.
If my instance of the Account Hub is integrated with Salesforce, but I have not integrated my Engage instance with Salesforce, will I still be able to push data back to the Sales Insights package?

Can I still push data back to Salesforce for advertising accounts that were uploaded using a .CSV list?

  • In order to push data back to the Sales Insights package, your instances of Terminus Hub and/or Terminus Engage must be integrated with Salesforce. If an advertising tactic is submitted using a static .CSV list as the audience source, it may still be possible to push data back into Salesforce. This is possible, if:
    • The account in your .CSV list has been targeted in a Terminus tactic using a Salesforce audience previously
    • AND the name of the account in the list matches the name in Salesforce EXACTLY (no types, hyphens, extra spaces, etc.)

Any additional questions related to the installation of this feature can be sent to

For more details on this feature, including data field definitions and sources, please reference this article.


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