Salesforce Sales Insights Install Guide

For more details on this feature, including data field definitions and sources, please reference this article.


Installing Terminus's Sales Insights Package in Salesforce


NOTE: Before installing, make sure that someone with READ/WRITE SFDC access is the one downloading the package (SFDC Admin/Operations roles).

  • Visit this link as a Salesforce Admin:
    • If you have SFDC Enterprise+

    • If you have SFDC Professional

  • Click Install for All Users (Or specific profiles if necessary for your organization).
  • Click Install.
  • Once installed in SFDC, please notify your Terminus CSM or our Support team at

This package can be installed in a SFDC sandbox environment. However, if you would like to have a "test" data push initiated while in sandbox, please connect with your Terminus CSM or Onboarding Specialist.

To customize the layout on the
Account object:

  1. Click Edit layout on the top right of any account.
  2. Create a new section named "Terminus Metrics."
  3. Drag each field that you want to show into that section (recommended layout is below).


Available fields to map:

  • Last Spike Date
  • Spike Percent
  • Engaged On
  • Most Visited High-Value Pages
  • Most Visited Awareness Pages
  • Spike Heat
  • Last Visit Date
  • Web Visits
  • People on Site
  • Last Ad Click Date
  • Last Ad Impression Date
  • Ad Clicks (30 Day Snapshot)
  • Ad Clicks (90 Day Snapshot)
  • Ad Impressions (30 Day Snapshot)
  • Ad Impressions (90 Day Snapshot)

Recommended install layout:


Troubleshooting notes:

  • Users must have Bulk API enabled in their SFDC instance in order for data to push back properly.
  • Data is only pushing to the Account object in SFDC for accounts that are also targeted in Terminus advertising tactics.
  • We push real time-data daily, no historical pushback.
  • This package is unmanaged by Terminus.
  • If you are not seeing data push back once the install is confirmed, please ensure “View Setup and Configuration” is enabled in Administrative Permissions:

1. Log into the CRM org as a System Administrator.

2. Navigate to the end-user profile.

3. Click Edit.

4. Scroll down to Administrative Permissions section, alternatively use CMD/CTRL + F.

5. Enable the View Setup and Configuration setting.

6. Click Save.

After installing the package, we will also create a custom “TerminusReports” folder in your Reporting tab in SFDC. The folder should look like this:


If it looks like this, instead (no reports showing):


Follow these steps:




And confirm that your profile is enabled:


Any questions related to the installation of this feature can be sent to, or to your Terminus Customer Success Manager.


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