This feature is available to customers whose subscription includes the Terminus Account Hub. Some feature details are exclusive to customers whose subscription also includes Terminus Engagement Spike Model and Bombora intent data.

What is the “Terminus” section in Global Filters?

As an addition to the standard Global Filter sections available in the Account Hub (Account, Campaign, People, Opportunity), we have introduced a new section for Terminus-specific data labeled “Terminus.” Previously, this information was only available as Account Hub columns. Now, you can easily segment your accounts by firmographics, Bombora intent data, and information related to account website engagement for enhanced Account List building and reporting across the Terminus platform.


How should this information be used?

This information will be especially helpful for customers who:

  • Currently do not have access to firmographic information for their target accounts in their CRM. This may also apply to customers who have incomplete or “messy” firmographic data in their CRM, and who would rather rely on Terminus’s data source.
  • Want to layer in engagement data specific to their target accounts’ website activity when building Account Lists and when reporting on their account-based programs.
  • Want to leverage specific intent topics and Surge dates for Account List building, sales prioritization, and reporting.

Examples of how this data can be leveraged:

  • Build a list of CRM accounts that meet your organization’s ICP (ideal customer profile) requirements in specific market segments to run Demand Generation programs to (marketing tactics, SDR cadences).
  • Layer on “Engagement Model” names when viewing Campaign Analytics to see what marketing campaigns your most engaged web visitors are responding to [for customers that have Campaign Analytics as part of their Terminus subscription].
  • Build a list based on “Fit + Intent + Engagement”; accounts that are a good fit for your business (firmographics), are showing intent signals for your brand, solutions, or competitors (3rd party data provider), and are engaging on your website (Last Engagement Spike) for marketing and sales to work together.
  • In Opportunity Insights, pull a list of mid/late-stage opportunity accounts that have also had Engagement Spikes in the last 7 days to send to sales for immediate prioritization.
  • Track and assess revenue progress over a specified period of time for key market segments for your business (Ex: Enterprise Accounts w/ 1B+ in revenue).


What data is included in the “Terminus” filter section?


Customers can now filter their accounts in the Hub based on the account’s Employee Range, Industry, and Revenue range. This type of information is generally factored in to an organization's ideal customer profile, or used to identify key market segments. The firmographic data is sourced from Terminus’s proprietary B2B Account Graph technology, (which helps us overcome inaccurate or incomplete account-level CRM data through machine learning AI), and from information we receive via our current data partnerships.

The available fields and values for this data include:



This type of information can also be found in the .CSV report for the “Potential Accounts” tab in our Account-Based Visitor ID tool.  

Engagement Spike

Terminus’ Engagement Spike feature surfaces accounts with spiking engagement on your most valuable web content. Currently, end users can set up an Engagement Model directly in the Terminus Engage product. Spike then tracks anonymous web data at the account-level, and will alert you on a weekly basis when an account is spiking.

Engagement Models allow you to separate your spike data into different segments. These models could be based on different product lines, industries, content types, high value vs. brand awareness pages, etc.

The available fields and values for this data include:


Bombora Intent Data

Through Terminus's native intent offering in the Account Hub, customers will be able to view “Intent Topic” as well as “Last Intent Date” in their Account Hub columns, and “Intent Topic” and “Last Intent Surge” as Global Filters.

The available fields and values (within Global Filters) for this data include:



Will Terminus’s firmographic data overwrite data in my connected CRM?

No, the Terminus data in the Account Hub, including firmographics, will not push to or overwrite data in your CRM, as it only lives in the Terminus platform. Additionally, customers can still configure their own CRM firmographic data as Global Filter and/or Hub Column options.

Why can't I see a specific field option/value? Or, why does it seem like a field value has "disappeared"?

Every Global Filter field option will dynamically generate based on what data is currently available. For example, if there are no accounts that have a Engagement Spike in the "Last 7 Days" window, that option will not show under the "Last Engagement Spike" field. 



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