In order to utilize this feature, you must have display retargeting as part of your Terminus subscription. 


With Terminus's account-based retargeting offering, B2B marketers can target visitors to specific URLs, layering in firmographic filters (such as size or industry) and the individual’s characteristics (such as function or seniority).

In this article, we’ll walk through how to set up and use Retargeting with a Terminus campaign. We’ll cover all the necessary steps and requirements to get your retargeting campaign up and running in no time!


Retargeting Implementation Steps

Choosing Your Retargeting URLs

For retargeting tactics, we'd recommend selecting website pages that are most likely to be visited by your targeted audiences (e.g. not your Careers page). Selecting pages you're already tracking in your Engagement Spike models can be a good starting point. To learn how to set up an Engagement Spike model, check out this article 

Requesting & Implementing the Pixel

Once you have your retargeting URLs selected, you can request and implement your retargeting pixel. Please contact your Onboarding Specialist or Customer Success Manager and they will provide the pixel.

The retargeting pixel will need to be implemented on all the desired web pages with the same process that your Visitor ID script was implemented. Please follow the steps provided here and contact for any issues implementing the pixel.

Example Pixel -

Submitting a Retargeting Tactic

At this time, retargeting tactics cannot be launched directly within the Terminus Engage interface. To submit details for a new retargeting tactic, please use this web form.

Below is a list of details we will need to collect from you in order to create the retargeting tactic: 

  • Tactic Name (please include the word 'Retargeting' in the name)
  • Terminus Account Name
  • Name of your Onboarding Specialist or Customer Success Manager (whoever is currently your main point of contact at Terminus)
  • Your Email Address
  • Daily Budget
  • Optional Overall Budget
  • Optional End Date
  • Upload Ad Creatives & Landing Page URLs 
  • If using more than one UTM code, please provide an Excel sheet with two columns - Creative Name (ex: retargeting -300x600png) and Landing Page URL. 
  • .CSV with URLs that you’d like to retarget visitors from

The Terminus retargeting offering allows for some additional traffic filtering options, including: 

  • Optional: Company size filtering - SMB, Mid-Marketing, or Enterprise


  • Optional: Desired personas (departments) to target with the retargeting tactics (marketing, IT, sales, etc.) Available department options include:


  • Optional: Desired industries to target with the retargeting tactics (Automotive, Construction, etc.) Available industry options include:


Please consult with your Terminus team when selecting from these additional options. 

Editing a Tactic

If you need to make any of the following edits or changes to a retargeting tactic after it has been submitted, please reach out to your Digital Media Manager directly:

  • Changing tactic flight dates (start & end dates)
  • Changing budgets
  • Adding or removing new creative files
  • Editing creative landing pages
  • Pause a running tactic
  • Restart a completed tactic

Verifying the Pixel Is Running

Once the tag is installed on either your site or an external landing page, you can check to make sure it is running by using the developer tools in Google Chrome or Firefox.

  • On a PC: either hit F12, or go to Settings > More Tools > Developer Tools. Click “Network” then in the Filter section type “js.adsrvr” and if you see the code load on the site, it was implemented correctly.
  • On a MAC: Click on “view” from your menu bar at the top left section. Hover over “Developer”, select “Developer Tools”, click “Network” then in the Filter section type “js.adsrvr” and if you see the code load on the site, it was implemented correctly.
  • If you do not see it, please refresh your page. If there continues to be an issue, contact


Retargeting Tactic Reporting 

After your Terminus Onboarding Specialist/CSM confirms the retargeting tactic has been set live, you will be able to see it in your ‘Campaign Overview’ page. Please keep in mind that you won’t be seeing any account-level data in the tactic. However, you will be able to see overall clicks, spend and impression metrics. 

As a reminder, the visitors being retargeted with Terminus ads will include anyone that visits a page tagged with your Terminus retargeting pixel, that also meets any filtering options you overlay (company size, persona/dept, industry). Retargeting will not be limited to only visitors from accounts in your Terminus database, or in your connected CRM.

*Note - Tactic will be set live within 3-4 business days, per Terminus's standard SLA.





If you have any questions about launching a Terminus Retargeting Tactic, please contact


Is there is a minimum number of cookies that Terminus needs to identify in order for a retargeting ad to be displayed?

  • No - there is no minimum cookie requirement. We will cookie any website visitor that lands on a page with a Terminus retargeting pixel (and that meets your demographic/firmographic parameters), and retarget them with Terminus ads. 

Can we retarget users located outside of the US/Canada?

  • No - currently, retargeting is only supported for users located within the US & Canada.



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