This feature is available to Terminus customers whose subscription includes Ad Experiences, and who have purchased an "Activate" or "Accelerate" Buyer Intent Data package through G2.

Integration Overview

In the B2B market, intent data can help marketing, sales, customer success, and other go-to-market teams detect early buying or interest signals, based on the online activity of their target accounts, to better tailor their outreach strategies. G2's Buyer Intent Data shows users what companies have visited the G2 site and viewed their product page, category page, or a comparison of their company and a competitor in order to reach out to prospects at the right time and prevent current customers from churning.

This Terminus integration with G2 enables users of both platforms to leverage their Buyer Intent Data to create strategic advertising lists on our display and LinkedIn advertising channels.  


Internal Configuration

To use this integration, Terminus customers must first go to the Product Admin page in G2, and navigate to "Integration Hub" to connect your Terminus instance.

Connecting to the Terminus platform will give G2 authorization to send your intent data directly to Terminus.

Integrations Hub Navigation


Integrations Hub in G2


Once connected, Terminus users will be able to view the tactics they have created, specifically for G2 intent use, in Terminus, and can select one or more tactics to start sending their account-level intent data to (this will serve as your advertising audience, or account list).

Selecting Terminus Campaigns / Tactics in G2



How the Integration Works

Selecting G2 as Your Audience Source

The first step to leveraging the integration will be to create a new advertising Campaign / Tactic in the Ad Experiences tactic builder. On the first page of the builder, customers will input their Campaign and Tactic names, and will select the G2 icon under the list of available audience source options.

Note: You will not be prompted to upload a list of accounts, or enter any further audience criteria, before submitting your Terminus tactic. 


G2 Buyer Intent Data

G2 currently has two primary methods for expressing "intent" in their platform:

The first is when a user from another company visit's another company's profile page (example: This level of intent data is available to all paying G2 customers.

The second form of intent is when a user from a company completes other actions on the G2 site that may indicate they are looking for a solution similar to your company. Those actions include: product comparisons (Company A vs. Company B), going to a category page that the company is included in, or searching for competitive alternatives to a product in that category. This level of intent data is only available to the highest customer tier for G2.

After an Advertising Tactic Has Been Submitted

Once a Terminus advertising tactic, with G2 as the audience source, has been submitted, that tactic will then be visible and available to select in the Terminus integration page in your G2 instance.

As Terminus receives a customer's Buyer Intent data from G2, we will start advertising to those intent accounts on the designated advertising channel. 

After intent data from G2 is initially synced to your Terminus tactic, your original advertising account list will not change, (meaning accounts will not be automatically removed), unless the user manually turns off accounts in Terminus. However, since G2 is regularly searching for new intent accounts on a daily basis, the integration will push new accounts to your advertising tactic. If, at any point, the users's advertising audience exceeds the active account limits for our display (1,500 active accounts) and LinkedIn (200 active accounts) channels, those accounts will remain in our validation cue until accounts are inactivated (manually turned off) in the tactic.


How quickly will my G2 intent data sync to the Terminus platform after I connect an advertising tactic?

  • Once users authenticate and authorize the Terminus integration in G2 and select a Terminus advertising tactic (or tactics), the data will be primed to sync over to the Terminus platform at the next daily send time, which happens around 12:30 am EST. After the initial sync, the data will be sent on daily basis for Intent accounts seen in last 24 hours. Users will not have the ability to control when the data is sent from G2.

Can I filter, or segment, my G2 intent data?

  • No; users will not be able to apply a filter or create a subset of their G2 intent accounts in neither their G2 nor Terminus instances.

If my business has multiple G2 profiles, can I link Terminus to all of them?

  • Yes; customers should see the Terminus integration available to them on all of their profiles.
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