Users can utilize the Digital Attribution HTML tag to track events related to a prospect’s interaction with ungated content.

Ungated Content Use Cases

  • Tracking whether or not a prospect has read a blog post
  • Tracking whether or not a prospect has watched a video
  • Tracking whether or not a prospect has clicked a download button

The Digital Attribution Ungated Content Tag

All ungated content is tracked using a custom HTML tag. Triggers can be specified on the tag that indicates when the prospect interaction with the ungated content should be deemed successful. For example, you want to specify that a blog post is an offer but the offer isn’t successful unless the user has scrolled down the page.


Place the tag anywhere on the page you want to mark as an ungated offer

  • <brightfunnel></brightfunnel>

Optionally You can choose to include “brightfunnel” as an attribute on an existing element

  • <div brightfunnel></div>

Specify the trigger that indicates success

  • scroll - when the tag is scrolled into the viewable area of the prospect
    • <brightfunnel trigger="scroll"></brightfunnel>
  • As an attribute
    • <div brightfunnel trigger="scroll"></div>
  • click - when the prospect clicks the tag or the content that the tag is surrounding
    • <brightfunnel trigger="click"><!-- i.e. a download button here --></brightfunnel>
  • As an attribute
    • <a brightfunnel trigger="click">my button</a>

Optionally specify the name of the content

  • If you don’t supply this attribute, Terminus Measurement Studio will use the name of the page as the content name
    • <brightfunnel trigger="scroll" content-name="My Blog Post Name"></brightfunnel>
  • As an attribute
    • <div brightfunnel trigger="scroll" content-name="My Blog Post Name"></div>
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