This article covers frequently asked questions related to Terminus's Digital Attribution offering, including:

Installing the Terminus Digital Attribution Script

Where can I find my Digital Attribution script code?

Go to Settings > Digital Attribution and view your code there.

How long does it take to install the Digital Attribution script code?

Installation time can take minutes if you include the Digital Attribution script in a global header or footer of your website, which ensures that it’s on every page. Post-installation, our team will QA your setup and schedule a kickoff call to walk you through the data.

How can I verify that I’ve installed the Digital Attribution script code correctly?

Check out the article How to Install the Digital Attribution Code for additional information.

Should I install the Digital Attribution script code in the header or footer of my website?

The easiest way to install the Digital Attribution script code is in the Global Footer.Check out the article How to Install the Digital Attribution Code for additional information.

Do you support tag managers?

We support any and all tag managers that have the ability to add custom HTML or javascript to your website. 

Can I implement your tag using Google Tag Manager?

Yes, our Digital Attribution script code can be installed through Google Tag Manager.

How long does Digital Attribution implementation take?

Implementation can take as little as a week and can be run in parallel with the core platform implementation.

Overview of the Terminus Digital Attribution Script

Do you leverage cookies?

Our Digital Attribution script code leverages cookies to track prospect activities over time.

How long is the data stored in the Terminus cookie?

Our cookies have a duration of one year. 

What is your privacy policy?

You can view the Terminus privacy policy here:

Is this tracking code GDPR and CCPA compliant?

Terminus is fully GDPR and CCPA compliant. You can learn more here:

What is your stance on PII?

Terminus does not collect any PII in a manner that is outside of what well-behaved customers and vendors do in this area.  Our approach is all anonymous non-PII.  Once the person shares their information via filling out a form by doing so they are giving consent to the customer and our system to have the data for use only by the client.  We do not share this data in any way with other customers or other vendors.  It is up to our customers to ensure their privacy policy is maintained according to the guidelines set forth by the governing bodies in the geographies the customer operates in.

What happens if someone deletes their cookies?

If an anonymous prospect deletes their cookies before they become known, Terminus will identify them as a new lead.

Does Digital Attribution support image pixels instead of javascript?

Not at this time.

What information does your Digital Attribution script capture?

We capture document information such as: page title, referring URL, URL/UTM parameters, and cookie information. We also capture form fill email data, video plays, and custom ungated events specified by the end-user. 

Does your Digital Attribution script support forms in iframes?

Our Digital Attribution script supports forms in iframes if the iframe is the same domain or a subdomain as the page it’s on. 

Do you support custom forms?

Our Digital Attribution script has a high success rate in capturing submitted forms of all types including ajax.

Does your Digital Attribution script support cross-domain tracking?

The Digital Attribution script code can track prospects across subdomains as long as it’s included on the desired pages.

Does your Digital Attribution script support cross-device tracking?

Currently, we do not support cross-device tracking.

Can you track on-page events like a button click on the lower left of the home page?

Yes, you can tag that button so that when the button is clicked we track that as an attributable event in Terminus. You can learn more about how to accomplish this by checking out the article How to Track Ungated Content in Digital Attribution.

How are multiple visits in the same session treated?

Sessions will expire after a configured session length unless an “offer” is tracked and submitted, which results in a new session for the lead. 

Digital Attribution Script Tag Performance

What is the average load time of your Digital Attribution script code?

The javascript takes 17-25 milliseconds to load and loads asynchronously with your web page so your visitor has a quick, responsive experience.

Will this piece of code slow down my website?

The Terminus Digital Attribution script was designed to manage speed and complexity. It loads asynchronously with the current website and should not slow down the performance of your website.

Is your script Asynchronous or Synchronous?

Our script is Asynchronous.

What is the size of your javascript file?

Its size is subject to change as we add functionality, but as of version 1.09, it is 14.6 kilobytes.

What is the current session length?

The default session length is one hour.

Does your javascript file make API calls to services outside of Terminus' infrastructure?

No. Our script does not make any external API calls.

Does your Digital Attribution script call other JavaScript files?

We do load a light JS file from our domain that is called from the JS tag.  We do not call other JS files other than this from our Tag.  Our JS file is hosted on cloud front on a CDN (Content Delivery Cache Network).  

Note: some tags can load multiple JS files from more than one domain and or piggyback pixels to other advertising systems which can cause security and privacy concerns.  Terminus does not do these things.  

Digital Attribution and Marketing Automation

What marketing automation systems are supported?

Digital Attribution was designed so that it is not dependent on the marketing automation system to function.  You can use Terminus Digital Attribution with any marketing automation system.

Why can’t I get this reporting in my Marketing Automation (e.g., Marketo) system?

Marketing automation systems are not purpose-built B2B marketing attribution systems.  They have not evolved to support multi-touch attribution methods allowing for clarity in attributing all marketing touches to pipe and revenues.   

Online data Marketing Automation Systems can only identify the digital channel that brought a lead to your website from the same session that a lead fills out the MAS form. Terminus will surface the true first touch, or true digital lead source (in reality, a lead may visit your website several times before filling out a form!). 

Digital Attribution and Marketo

How is your Digital Attribution script different than the Marketo munchkin?

Terminus captures more data than the Marketo munchkin allowing marketers a greater level of visibility into prospect conversion.  Marketo munchkin only tracks the first page a prospect visits and the page the prospect converts on and tracks a limited number of events on those pages. Terminus captures the first page a prospect visits, the page the prospects convert on, and every page between. Our Digital Attribution script's event tracking capabilities are also more extensive. We capture video plays and have the ability to track ungated content. 

What does your digital attribution code to that is different from the Marketo JavaScript does?

The Digital Attribution script is building an IP lookup database so that we can tell you the companies on your site that are remaining anonymous.  We use the data from Marketo’s IP to company data to beef up our IP to company name reporting.  This is a very early capability not in general availability.  Keep your eye out for more announcements in this area.   

Does your Digital Attribution script support tracking Marketo landing pages?

Our Digital Attribution script code can be placed on Marketo landing page templates to capture forms.

Do you support Marketo forms?

Yes, as long as the Digital Attribution script code is present on the web page that contains the form.

What changes, if any, need to be made to Marketo to support Digital Attribution?

No configuration changed are needed within Marketo, however, landing pages that are managed directly in Marketo will require the Digital Attribution script code to be installed in the template/asset. 

Digital Attribution and UberFlip

Do you support UberFlip?

Yes, our Digital Attribution script code can be installed on Uberflip for out of the box support. Check out our article How to Add the Digital Attribution Script on Uberflip for more details.

UTM & URL Information

What UTM parameters are supported?

Check out this article for more information: Digital Attribution and UTMs

Does your tracking require any UTM parameters?

Terminus requires one UTM parameter to function correctly.  A UTM that specifies the Channel Asset should be passed on all URLs.

Digital Attribution Data

Can I use this product without Salesforce?

Yes. Terminus can autogenerate campaigns that only exist within our platform, doing away with the need for an associated SFDC campaign.

How quickly will I see Digital Attribution data in the platform?

Data will appear within 24-48 hours after capture.

Is Digital Attribution data written into Salesforce?

None of our digital attribution data will be stored in Salesforce. Being mindful of the negative impact that additional data will have on SFDC storage costs and maintenance, we choose to store this data elsewhere.

Where is the data stored?

All data is kept in AWS.

Digital Attribution Integrations

Digital Attribution and Google AdWords

Do you support AdWords?

Yes. We have a direct integration with Google AdWords.

How do I connect my AdWords?

Users can OAuth via the integrations portal within the platform.

Do you support multiple AdWords accounts?


What does AdWords integration do?

Our AdWords integration allows us to autogenerate campaigns without the need for user-defined UTM parameters and gain access to the costs associated with running campaigns.

Do you support AdWords Keyword Attribution?

We currently pull in AdWords data, but do not yet visualize keywords in-app.

Digital Attribution and LinkedIn

Do you integrate with LinkedIn?

We capture traffic from LinkedIn using referrer information.  Customers who use UTM or other URL tracking parameters can measure channel, campaign and offer data associated with LinkedIn.

Digital Attribution and Facebook

Do you integrate with Facebook?

We capture traffic from Facebook using referrer information.  Customers who use UTM or other URL tracking parameters can measure channel, campaign and offer data associated with Facebook.

General Digital Attribution FAQs

Am I required to change the way I create content campaigns?

You are not required to change the way you create content campaigns, however, changes based on our supplied best practices will result in significant time savings and more accurate reporting.

Can you track website chat interactions?

Forms submissions that contain an email address are automatically captured as long as the form is not served in an iframe on a different domain. In many cases, this means that the initiation of chat with an agent can be captured and tracked.

How does Terminus track ungated content?

Check out the article How to Track Ungated Content in Terminus for additional details.

Can Terminus track blog page views as an attributable event and how do we configure your tagging to do that?

Yes. Our system can track URLs with a configured pattern as a valid offer that a prospect has interacted with. In addition, users can manually specify pages as ungated offers for a greater measure of control over the events that determine whether or not the offer was successful.Check out the article How to Track Ungated Content in Terminus for additional details.

How does Terminus track videos?

The Digital Attribution script will recognize each video player as a valid offer (similar to a landing page form), and mark the offer as “successful” when the video is played.

What video players can Terminus track?

As of version 1.1, the Digital Attribution script tracks Youtube and HTML5 video embeds.

What models does Digital Attribution data support?

Digital attribution data supports all attribution models available in the product.

How does Digital Attribution data match to SFDC campaigns?

Form submits are matched to campaign members and their associated campaigns in SFDC based on the email submitted and the time of the form submission compared to the email of the Lead/Contact record and the creation date of the Campaign Member.

Can your Digital Attribution script track email?

Yes. Visits originating from emails can be tracked utilizing UTM parameters specified on the email CTA.

Can I use Digital Attribution data for website optimization?

Digital attribution data enhances existing attribution data available in the platform. As a result, users can leverage our bulk data export and the knowledge of which content works best to optimize their website.

Should my Digital Attribution data match my Google Analytics data?

Google Analytics monitors all traffic by digital sources and does not connect website traffic to CRM outcomes, so the data between Google Analytics and Digital Attribution are separate and should not match.

Why doesn’t my Digital Attribution data match my form conversion in SFDC?

Conversion metrics can mismatch for a host of reasons including incorrect Digital Attribution script installation and incorrectly implementing custom tracking events. For additional troubleshooting, please reach out to

How does Terminus Digital Attribution track Mobile visits?

Yes, mobile visitors who allow cookies and fill out forms will be tracked just the same as a desktop browser visitor.

What browsers does Digital Attribution support?

This product supports data collection on all major browsers (e.g. Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer).

Does it track across different browsers?

Each browser maintains its own cookies, so if a user switches browsers, we do not recognize that user with our initial cookie on the other browser. The likelihood of this affecting your data is very low.

Is there a limit on digital attribution data storage?


Can I import historical web activity from other platforms?


Can I export my data?

You can export directly from the Digital Attribution reports in Terminus Measurement Studio.

Can I limit access to digital attribution based on user permissions?


Does enabling digital attribution in my instance affect any pre-existing data or reporting?

Once Digital Attribution is installed the data is available in many reports but does not augment data that predates the installation date.


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