How is a Marketing Touch Defined in Terminus Data Studio?

By default, Terminus Data Studio is configured to report on response-based marketing influence. This means that a valid marketing touch is defined as a Responded Campaign Member on a valid Campaign from Salesforce.

The Activity Date for that marketing touch will be be defined during your onboarding and implementation process. The standard available Salesforce fields for most configurations are defined below:

  • Member First Responded Date (FirstRespondedDate) - Updated once by SFDC the first time a campaign member has a Responded Member Status
  • Member First Associated Date (CreatedDate) - Updated once by SFDC when a Lead or Contact is added to the Campaign to create a new Campaign Member
  • Member Status Update Date (LastModifiedDate) - Updated by SFDC every time any field on the Campaign Member is updated.


You can check your current validity rules and mappings on the Configuration Page in Data Studio. If your configuration page shows that you have custom configuration rules in place, please contact to see the detailed configuration.


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