To use this feature, you must have the Terminus Data Studio as part of your subscription.


What are Saved Reports?

With saved reports, users can easily save any report in view with the selected dataset, date cohort, and Global Filters to quickly navigate back to at any time within their Data Studio instance. A saved report can be organized into a folder with private or public permissions, helping marketers more easily share and operationalize the analytics provided within the Terminus platform.




How to Create a Saved Report

Saved reports are accessible in Data Studio, via the floppy disk icon Screen_Shot_2019-04-17_at_4.23.59_PM.png located in the top right of the navigation.

Saved reports can be created from the following platform pages: Data Studio, Campaign Analytics, and Opportunity Insights

To created a saved report, you must first create a Saved Folder:



Next, select the cohorts and global filters you wish to apply to your report, and hit "Apply":



Once your report settings are in place, navigate back to the Screen_Shot_2019-04-17_at_4.23.59_PM.png icon, and select "Create Report" at the bottom of the window:




From here, you name your report, select what folder you'd like to report to live in, and have the option to add a description of the report in as well. 

Once the report is saved, you can access it at any time, and from any of the pages mentioned above, via the Saved Reports folder, or you can bookmark and navigate directly to the report URL generated during creation.



How do saved reports differ from my saved account lists?

Account Lists are created when a user hand-selects accounts to add to a targeted account list. This can be achieved by individual selection, or by applying any combination of global filters and cohort to get down to the list of accounts desired by the user. When an account list is created, only the accounts themselves remain intact for future use. Accounts List filters may be applied to any report. 

A saved report is a specific view of a single report that retains the integrity of the cohorts, filters, and date ranges applied in the original configuration. Its functionality is similar to that of a Dashboard Tile. 

Can I share or duplicate private folders?

No. Private folders are only available to the folder owner.

Do you need additional permissions to access private/public folders?

All users can create saved folders. Private folders are only accessible to the folder owner. 

Where did my saved report go?

If you're not seeing a saved report, please contact our technical team at


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