Important Feature Note

The feature discussed in this article is considered to be legacy functionality. Some Terminus customers may have retained access to this feature, but it is not considered to be part of Terminus's current platform offering.  

Integration Overview

To optimize our digital offerings, we offer an integration to Google AdWords through Terminus Data Studio. The integration allows Terminus to sync Google Adwords campaign names and cost in order to compute the ROI of your AdWords campaigns.

How do I integrate my Google AdWords account with Terminus?

  1. Navigate to the Configuration page in Data Studio
  2. Click “Google AdWords” under "Integrations"
  3. Enter your AdWords Client Customer ID*
  4. Click “Connect to Google AdWords”

Note: Please ensure your ID is not connected to an Adwords Manager account. Click here to see how to find your AdWords Client ID.

Can I connect multiple Google AdWords accounts?

Yes. Click here for more general information on Google AdWords.

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