How to Configure Sales Activity in the Account Hub


This feature is available to customers whose subscription includes the Terminus Account Hub.

Feature Overview

Customers can bring Salesforce task activity into the Account Hub to gain a more holistic view of account engagement. With both sales activities and marketing engagements in one view, marketing and sales teams can identify accounts that are showing interest, are engaged, or need to be engaged in order to develop coordinated account outreach strategies.


How to Configure this Feature

To configure sales activity in the Account Hub, your Terminus Org Admins should:

  • Select ‘Pages and Features’ from the settings menu, located in the bottom left corner of the application
  • Click 'Sales Activity'
  • Toggle ‘Enable Task Activity’ to on
  • Then, drag all relevant user Role Types whose activity you’d want to view into the ‘Enabled User Roles’ box and click ‘Save Changes’.



Next, drag all valid Sales Activity Types into the ‘Enabled Types’ box and click ‘Save Changes’


After your nightly data cycle completes, you’ll see Sales Activity live in the Account Hub! This information can also be viewed in the account-specific detail page, which you can navigate to by clicking on the Account Name within the Hub list view:



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