In addition to the standard data columns available for all users of Data Studio, Terminus customers can customize up to 10 additional columns in the Account Table. 

Custom columns are created directly from the Account object of your connected CRM and populate the associated account values directly in Data Studio. 



Default Account Columns

The following fields are enabled in Data Studio’s Account Hub by default as toggleable columns. Note that for these values to be useful in Account Hub, the respective fields must be populated within the database, either by your CRM integration or list-based data ingestion.




  • Custom columns can only be configured by the Terminus Support team. Please reach out to support@termius.com, or your Terminus CSM, if you have questions or need to add custom columns to your Data Studio instance.
  • Currently, we can only pull directly from the Account object when adding custom columns, additionally, the value associated with the selected field cannot be a lookup or a reference. For example, if you have a field on the Account object which links to a parent account, the value will not display correctly in Data Studio
  • We cannot apply logic when bringing in values for custom columns. For example, we are not able to say, "Pull Field [X] if [X] condition is met, and pull Field [Y] if condition [Y] is met."


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