How Often is Terminus Engagement Hub Data Refreshed?

Advertising Data

Terminus advertising data is updated daily, and will reflect engagement metrics through the previous day; this includes advertising data for display, retargeting, international/IP, and LinkedIn-integrated tactics. For customers using our Salesforce Integration for advertising, we will sync nightly with your Salesforce instance to detect any changes related to your advertising audiences.

At the tactic-level, you can reference the "Last Synced" date within tactic settings to see when the last time tactic data was refreshed.


Visitor ID Data

Visitor ID data is refreshed daily, and should reflect data for the current day. 

Engagement Spike Data 

Engagement Spike data will be refreshed weekly, both in the Engage product and your Sales Insights package (if installed). A new report is generated every Saturday morning, and reflects Spike data for the previous week. 

Sales Insights Data

Sales Insights data is refreshed during the Engage platform's nightly sync with your connected Salesforce instance. This includes any data related to your Terminus advertising campaigns and your website activity, as tracked by Visitor ID. Per the details above, Engagement Spike data will be refreshed weekly. 

Terminus Data Studio

In general, Terminus Data Studio pulls from your CRM or Marketing Automation System data twice per day - once for your development/testing instance and once for your production instance. Your data within Terminus, therefore, will refresh once per day. These data cycles are automated to begin between the hours of 10pm and 3am PST.

You can request an immediate data refresh by emailing A data refresh will sync all your Salesforce data and rerun all of your influence calculations. 

In Data Studio, "Last Updated" reflects the time at which your Data Cycle started to process, not how long it's been since the Data Cycle completed. This helps to indicate when the last time SFDC updates can be reflected in your Data Studio data.


Note: Terminus only pulls in new records where the Last Modified Date is within the past 24 hours from the last refresh date. Some changes in Salesforce do not change the Last Modified Date (i.e. changing the Name of a Campaign Type) so these updates will not get updated into Terminus unless the Last Modified Date is changed.

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