How to Add the Terminus Digital Attribution Script on UberFlip 


These steps should be completed by a qualified web developer, or a marketer who has familiarity with JavaScript, and who can follow the instructions below. You must complete these steps for every UberFlip form.

Steps to Add the Script in Uberflip

1. Add a field in Marketo

2. Add a hidden field in UberFlip

3. Access the Munchkin Tag your received from your Account Manager

4. Access your UberFlip landing page

  • Click Appearance
  • Click Custom Code

5. Press the JS button on the upper right of the screen and paste your updated Munchkin Tag at the top per the screen below

6. Press Save


How do I know the tag is working properly?

Fill out a test form. In 24 hours go into Terminus and see if your lead made it into Data Studio.

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