How does Terminus Digital Attribution process UTM and or URL parameters?

Terminus Digital Attribution maps UTMs and Referring URLs to campaign members in your CRM. We surface these digital channels to better understand how offers perform across different channels, account segments, and other campaigns.  

How is UTM parameter mapping set up in Terminus?

Our Technical Consultants or Support team will configure your UTM parameters within Terminus. 

What are the required UTM parameters?

We recommend 3 parameters to answer these questions: 

  • What type of channel drove the engagement? utm_medium (eg. PPC)
  • How the lead got there? utm_source (eg. LinkedIn)
  • Why did the lead go there? utm_campaign (eg. ebook_top10tips) 

utm_medium, utm_source, and utm_campaign are the most common parameters we see and we recommend them for mapping to Terminus for Channel and Offer mapping.

Does the order and specific structure of our UTM or URL parameters matter?

No. We can map to whatever UTM and/or URL parameters you are using. You will need to use a consistent naming convention for all of your UTM parameters. 

What if I am not using UTM parameters?

We will only capture the referrer URL and you will not be able to see the specific campaign data.


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