The Digital Attribution script is a lightweight JavaScript tag that powers conversion tracking, retargeting, and web analytics. The Munchkin Tag should be incorporated as a standard component of all of your website's pages. 

To add the Digital Attribution script to your web pages:

1. Find your unique Munchkin Tag on Settings > Digital Attribution

2. Add the JavaScript code to every page on your domain, preferably right before the end of the <body> tag in the global footer.

3. Be sure to alert your web developer to place the tag on:

  • All website pages (including subdomains)
  • All marketing content landing pages (e.g. Marketo templates)
  • Your blog and any other site you maintain that draws customers and prospects
  • iframes where forms exist

These external resources may also be useful:

Verifying the Digital Attribution script is on your web site pages

Often the marketer will ask the web developer to place the tag on the pages described above.  As the marketer once you hear back from your web developer that the tags are installed pick a few web pages, landing pages, and blog pages to inspect. Here are the steps to verify the Digital Attribution script was installed properly: 

  1. Go to each page
  2. Right-click or control-click
  3. Select “View Page Source”
  4. Hit Command-F to Search
  5. Search for “BrightFunnel Tracking”
  6. You’ll find the tracking code between the results of the search 

As an alternative method, go to the site you want to test, type “javascript:window.alert(bfId)” in the URL, and code should appear in a pop-up. 

How do I know the tag is working properly?

Please reach out to if you are having trouble with the above methods.

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