Campaign Overview

The Campaign Overview tab gives you a holistic view of your Terminus advertising campaign and tactic performance. Use Campaign Overview to:

  • Quickly see the status, performance metrics, spend, and budget remaining for all of your Tactics.
  • Identify tactics which require additional budget to continue running.
  • Identify opportunities for optimization across your entire Terminus advertising program to quickly create your optimization plan.

Heads-Up Cards

At the top of your Campaign Overview, you’ll see four heads-up cards - Impressions, Clicks, Average CTR, and Spend. These metrics are displayed for the dates selected in the Date Range dropdown. These cards always display metrics for your entire account - they are not impacted by filters you add to the tactic table below.



Customize your tactic analytics table

You are able to customize the columns that appear in the tactic analytics table to quickly see the metrics most important to you.

At this time, you can view the following data points as columns in your tactic table:

  • Campaign Name (display campaigns willl link to the Campaign Detail page)
  • Tactic Name (linked to the Tactic Detail page)
  • Tactic Status
  • Created Date
  • End Date (if unspecified, this will show a dash)
  • Reach (cannot sort or filter by)
  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Spend
  • Daily Budget
  • Overall Budget
  • Budget remaining (in dollars)
  • CTR
  • CPC
  • CPM (for display campaigns only)
  • Number of Active Accounts in Tactic

co-table.pngEasily toggle which columns appear in your tactic table.

You may also filter the tactic table by Campaign or Tactic Name, Channel, and Status by clicking the "Filter By Channel" dropdown.

If you have any questions about any of these views or the associated reports, please reach out to or your Customer Success Manager (

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