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The Campaign Overview page is your go-to view for high-level campaign and tactic reporting. On this single page you have the ability to assess high-level program metrics, tactic-level efficiency, and overall performance of advertising campaigns over a selected date range.


Users that will need to assess advertising campaign performance and do regular budget analysis will likely spend the most time on this page. 

Program Metrics Cards

At the top of the Campaign Overview page, you’ll see four metrics cards - Impressions, Clicks, Average CTR (click-thru rate), and Spend. These metrics are displayed for the dates selected in the Date Range dropdown above. These cards will always display metrics for all of your advertising campaigns within the designated time frame, and will not be affected by any of the adjustments made in the table below.



Tactic Analytics Table

Columns in the Tactic Analytics Table can be toggled on or off to display the advertising metrics that are most important to you. 


At this time, you can view the following data points as columns in your tactic table:

  • Campaign Name (display campaigns will link to the Campaign Detail page)

  • Tactic Name (linked to the Tactic Detail page)

  • Tactic Status

  • Created Date

  • End Date (if unspecified, this will show a dash)

  • Reach (cannot sort or filter by)

  • Number of Active Accounts in Tactic
  • Impressions

  • Clicks

  • Spend

  • Daily Budget

  • Overall Budget

  • Budget remaining (in dollars)

  • CTR

  • CPC

  • CPM (for display campaigns only)

You can also filter the tactic table by Campaign or Tactic Name, Channel, and Status by clicking the "Filter By Channel" dropdown.


Lastly, data from the Campaign Overview page can be easily exported via the "Generate CSV" button. NOTE: You will need to first select "Generate CSV" and then "Download CSV" once the report generates.




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