Terminus LinkedIn Integration


With our new LinkedIn integration, you can now orchestrate your ABM strategy on multiple channels within the Terminus platform.  

LinkedIn Integration is powered by our B2B Account Graph to insure quality account data to help you reach the right accounts for your advertising strategy. By running your target accounts through B2B Account Graph, not only will we overcome the challenges of inconsistency and inaccurate account names, our LinkedIn integration process also includes finding and matching with correct LinkedIn company pages for those accounts.

Direct access to LinkedIn’s first-party profile data, international expansion and account level reporting on visits are just a few among many features you can take advantage with LinkedIn integration within the Terminus platform.

How it works

Our goal is to make the Integration simple and focused, therefore, we are starting with just the Direct Sponsored Content as the LinkedIn ad product type. You will be able to connect to only one LinkedIn ad account per Terminus instance. Additionally, Campaigns in LinkedIn and Terminus (LinkedIn) Tactics will have a one-to-one mapping. For each (LinkedIn) Terminus Tactic, there will be a Campaign inside LinkedIn Campaign Manager which can be managed from within the Terminus platform.


Please note: LinkedIn requires that a Tactic (a campaign in LinkedIn) has a target audience of at least 300 members. Until that number is met, LinkedIn will not be able to start advertising to the target audience. In the event the audience member count is too low, your CSM will notify you. You can then expand your audience targeting option to meet the threshold.


LinkedIn can take up to 48 hours to approve a creative for Sponsored Content or reject if it does not meet it’s specification and guidelines stated here: https://www.linkedin.com/help/lms/answer/68894/advertising-specifications-for-sponsored-content?lang=en


  • Terminus ABM platform
  • Fully set up LinkedIn ad account
  • LinkedIn Ad account administrator that can authorize Terminus to use your ad account for Sponsored Content
    • Company Page - > Manage admins -> Sponsored Content Posters
    • Authorized User should have permission to create Sponsored Content in LinkedIn.



Authorizing Terminus to access your LinkedIn ad account is the first step you will take once you have LinkedIn enabled with Terminus. Note that, you can only associate one LinkedIn ad account per Terminus platform. Once associated, you won’t be able to update the ad Account.

  • Navigate to Integration Page
  • Select LinkedIn to initiate Oauth process
  • Select Linkedin Ad Account to associate with your Terminus platform

Fig 1: LinkedIn Authorization


Fig 1.1: Connect to LinkedIn and select an Ad account


Select LinkedIn as your advertisement channel:

You will be able to select LinkedIn (or Terminus) as their advertisement channel right from the beginning when building a new Campaign.


Fig 2: Channel selection


Build your Campaign

Start by creating a Campaign and make sure Tactics you create within this Campaign meets your purpose and helps you measure success.

  • Name your Campaign
  • Select what type of Campaigns are you running.
    • Demand Generation
    • Sales Pipeline
    • Customer Marketing
    • Other


Fig 3: Build Your Campaign


Building your Tactic:

Start building your Tactic for your Campaign.

Tactic Detail:

  • Name your Tactic
  • Set your Tactic goal. Note that, these are smaller goals that will help measure the success of your Campaign. For example:
    • If you are building a Demand Gen Campaign, your Tactic goal can be: Pre-Targeting, Account Nurture etc.
    • If you are building Sales Pipeline Campaign, your Tactic goal can be:  Pipeline Acceleration
    • If you are building a Campaign for Customer Marketing, your Tactic goal can be: Renewal/Upsell or Land & Expand.

Fig 4: Build Your Tactic


Select your source for the Target Audience

Here, you will select a the source of your Target Accounts that will be associated at the Campaign level. Tactics created within this Campaign will be use the same source to pull Target Accounts to build an audience. Note that you won’t be able to change the source of the audience for this Campaign once a Tactic is created within this Campaign

  • CSV
  • Salesforce
  • EverString
  • HubSpot
  • Engagio
  • Marketo

Depending upon your selection here, next steps in the wizard will guide you towards pulling your Target Accounts from selected source  

 Fig 5: Select Audience Source


Fig 6: Salesforce rule


Fig 7: CSV file upload


Set your Target Audience Location 

Select one or more Countries for your Target Audience:


Set Department, Seniority or Job Title for your Target Audience

Select one or more Departments, Seniority or Job Titles. Note that, you cannot target by Department and Seniority while inclusively targeting Job Title 

  • Job Function: Target by one or more Job Function/Department. When targeting by this criteria, Job Title option is not available
  • Job Seniority: Target by one or more Job Seniority. When targeting by this criteria, Job Title option is not available
  • Job Title : Target by current roles with these Job Titles. When targeting by this criteria, Job Function and Job Seniority are not available


Set your bid, budget and duration for a LinkedIn Tactic

Configure your Daily and Total budget for this Tactic. Since your campaign is set to bid type of cost-per-click (CPC), if there are no clicks registered by LinkedIn, you are not charged for any costs incurred during that period. To learn more on LinkedIn budget please see this guide 

Based on your audience size and targeting criterias you have set, LinkedIn will recommend a bid value based on current competing bids by other advertisers targeting same audience. To get your LinkedIn Tactic started, we will use LinkedIn recommended bid value. We will show the bid value LinkedIn Suggested in Tactic Detail page when it’s available. To learn more on LinkedIn bid please see this guide.


Fig: Bid, Budget and Duration


Create a Sponsored Content creative

Create your Sponsored Content creative. As you build your content, you can see preview (to your right) on how will appear in LinkedIn feed. Note that, this is only a close resemblance and actual ad may be slightly different and more accurate preview will be available from Tactic Detail page.

  • Introductory text
  • Title
  • Landing page URL
  • Upload your thumbnail image
  • Optionally, add a name for your Creative. By default, creative name is the filename of the image
  • Submit your Tactic


Fig: Sponsored Content


Tactic Detail:

Tactic Detail page is your single place to measure performance of your Tactic as well as review settings and status of the Tactic.

Fig: Tactic View


Top Section:

This section will consist of Tactic settings and statuses of Tactic and Sponsored Content. You will be able to see audience member count and default bid value  as well. If audience member count is below the threshold (300 members), you will either have to add more accounts or expand their targeting criteria to meet the threshold.

Tactic Status:

  • Pending
    • Conditions for when this status is shown: 
      • This status will appear soon as a tactic is submitted
      • Pending creative review by LinkedIn
  • Active but Not Running Conditions:
    • Conditions for when this status is shown:
      • Tactic is active (a campaign in LinkedIn has successfully been created) but the creative has not been approved, is rejected, or the LinkedIn ad account is on “hold”
      • Tactic is active, creative is approved but audience count is not above the threshold
      • Tactic is active but the creative has been paused
  • Running:
    • Conditions for when this status is shown:
      • Tactic is active, creative is approved, LI ad account is in a good state

Sponsored Content Review Status:

  • Pending : This status will appear soon as a Tactic is submitted and until Creative is reviewed by LinkedIn
  • Active: This status will appear when Creative is approved and ready for serving
  • Rejected: When LI rejects the creative
  • Paused: When creative in LI is paused, or when the tactic is paused


Fig: Tactic Settings


Middle Section:

Information in this section is pulled directly from LinkedIn for this Tactic.


  • Impressions: The number of times people saw your ad
  • Clicks: The number of chargeable clicks on your ad. This includes clicks on the ad content and your company name and logo, but excludes some social actions such as likes, comments, and shares.
  • Average CTR: This percentage shows how often people go to your website because they saw your ad
  • Average CPC: This is the total you spent on your ad divided by total clicks to your website
  • Total Spent: This is the amount you spent on clicks and impressions for your ad


Fig: Tactic Metrics


Bottom Section:

This section will provide account level view of your LinkedIn Tactic:


  • Targeted Accounts in LinkedIn: Targeted Accounts we matched with LinkedIn company page
  • Landing Page Clicks: Aggregate number of Landing Page Clicks for this Sponsored Content.
  • Last Landing Page Click: Last Landing Page click date registered
  • Progressed: Accounts that matched the Progression rule (currently, only applies to SF audience)
  • Enable/Disable: Shows what Accounts are currently serving ads in LinkedIn. During start of the Campaign all matched accounts will be in Enable state. You can manually toggle to Disable or if an Account progresses, it will automatically toggle to Disable state.


Fig: Accounts level metrics



How does Terminus track Sponsored Content Landing Page URL Clicks?

We append our own UTM parameter (name: utm_terminus_abm) to the Landing Page URL. Landing Page should have our Visitor ID script added for us to attribute the clicks to the targeted accounts.

  • If the Landing Page URL you input has a redirect, it may drop our UTM parameter and we won't be able to track the clicks. Example: If the URL is a Bit.ly link or any link shortener or any other provider that redirects.
  • If there are already UTM parameters to the link, we will append to it.
  • If you update your creative, we will not change the UTM parameter id.

If I make changes to a LinkedIn Campaign directly in LinkedIn Campaign manager, do those changes reflect in Terminus?

It is NOT recommended to make changes directly in LinkedIn Campaign manager for those Campaigns created via Terminus. Integration is only one-directional and we do not pull changes that were made in LI directly.

How often does Terminus update reporting?

We update LinkedIn metrics every 24 hours.

Can you create multiple Sponsored Content in a single Tactic?

Not at this time.

How many accounts can be in a LinkedIn Sponsored Content tactic?

Only 200 active accounts at a time.

Does Terminus AdOps teams approve or manage any part of the LinkedIn advertising process?


How does billing work? Will Terminus bill me for LinkedIn media spend?

All billing is handled directly by LI from LI campaign manager. Terminus will NOT bill customers for LI media spend.

How long it takes for Terminus to create a LinkedIn campaign and make it active after I submit in Terminus?

We aim for for LI campaigns to be Active within 12 hours. Creative Status is still dependent on LI SLA, but in most cases, it's active and running within 12 hours.

If you have any questions or need assistance with getting setup using LinkedIn, please reach out to success@terminus.com

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