To use this integration, you must have the Terminus Engage product (advertising) as part of your subscription. Additionally, you must have an active LinkedIn advertising account set up with an authorized payment method. For information on how to set up an advertising account in LinkedIn, reference this article

Integration Overview

With the LinkedIn integration, customers can launch, manage and report on LinkedIn Sponsored Content campaigns directly within the Terminus Engage platform. Users can build their LinkedIn audiences from Terminus's Salesforce Integration, upload a .CSV list of accountsor leverage any of our other available advertising integrations.

For a step-by-step overview on how to launch a Sponsored Content campaign in Terminus Engage, check out this article


Terminus Account-Based Advertising product screenshot - LinkedIn

Terminus's integration with the LinkedIn advertising platform is powered by our B2B Account Graph (a machine learning, artificial intelligence technology that connects all the ways in which companies and account names are related to each other), to ensure users are reaching the right accounts for their advertising strategy. By running your target accounts through B2B Account Graph (automatically initiated when you submit an advertising tactic for review)not only will we overcome the challenges of inconsistency and inaccurate account names across different data sets, but our LinkedIn integration process also includes finding and matching with the correct LinkedIn company pages for those accounts.

Direct access to LinkedIn’s first-party profile data, the ability to orchestrate a multi-channel digital advertising strategy in one platform, and access to our Salesforce integration to create dynamic LinkedIn advertising audiences are just a few reasons to take advantage of the LinkedIn integration within the Terminus platform.

Authorizing Your LinkedIn Ad Account in Terminus

To start using the LinkedIn advertising integration, check with our Terminus CSM, or reach out to, to first ensure the feature has been enabled in your Engage instance.

  • LinkedIn Ad account administrator that can authorize Terminus to use your ad account for Sponsored Content
    • Company Page - > Manage admins -> Sponsored Content Posters
    • Authorized User should have permission to create Sponsored Content in LinkedIn.



Authorizing Terminus to access your LinkedIn ad account is the first step you will take once you have LinkedIn enabled with Terminus. Note that, you can only associate one LinkedIn ad account per Terminus platform. Once associated, you won’t be able to update the ad Account.

  • Navigate to Integration Page
  • Select LinkedIn to initiate Oauth process
  • Select LinkedIn Ad Account to associate with your Terminus platform





Reporting Overview



Tactic Detail

You will be able to use this page to measure performance of your Tactic as well as review the settings and status of the Tactic.



Top Section:

This section will consist of Tactic settings and status of the Tactic and Sponsored Content. You will be able to see audience member count and default bid value as well. If audience member count is below the threshold (300 members), you will either have to add more accounts or expand their targeting criteria to meet the threshold.

Tactic Status:

  • Pending
    • Conditions for when this status is shown:
      • This status will appear soon as a tactic is submitted
      • Pending creative review by LinkedIn
  • Active but Not Running Conditions:
    • Conditions for when this status is shown:
      • Tactic is active (a campaign in LinkedIn has successfully been created) but the creative has not been approved, is rejected, or the LinkedIn ad account is on “hold”
      • Tactic is active, creative is approved but audience count is not above the threshold
      • Tactic is active but the creative has been paused
  • Running:
    • Conditions for when this status is shown:
      • Tactic is active, creative is approved, LI ad account is in a good state

Sponsored Content Review Status:

  • Pending : This status will appear soon as a Tactic is submitted and until Creative is reviewed by LinkedIn
  • Active: This status will appear when Creative is approved and ready for serving
  • Rejected: When LI rejects the creative
  • Paused: When creative in LI is paused, or when the tactic is paused


Middle Section:

Information in this section is pulled directly from LinkedIn for this Tactic.

  • Impressions: The number of times people saw your ad
  • Clicks: The number of chargeable clicks on your ad. This includes clicks on the ad content and your company name and logo, but excludes some social actions such as likes, comments, and shares.
  • Average CTR: This percentage shows how often people go to your website because they saw your ad
  • Average CPC: This is the total you spent on your ad divided by total clicks to your website
  • Total Spent: This is the amount you spent on clicks and impressions for your ad



Bottom Section:

This section will provide account level view of your LinkedIn Tactic:

  • Targeted Accounts in LinkedIn: Targeted Accounts we matched with LinkedIn company page
  • Landing Page Clicks: Aggregate number of Landing Page Clicks for this Sponsored Content.
  • Last Landing Page Click: Last Landing Page click date registered
  • Progressed: Accounts that matched the Progression rule (currently, only applies to SF audience)
  • Enable/Disable: Shows what Accounts are currently serving ads in LinkedIn. During start of the Campaign all matched accounts will be in Enable state. You can manually toggle to Disable or if an Account progresses, it will automatically toggle to Disable state.



What is the cost of the Terminus integration with Terminus?

There is no additional cost to use the LinkedIn integration with your existing Terminus plan. Each LinkedIn Sponsored Content campaigns you run will count towards the total number of tactics you have in your Terminus pricing plan.

What are the requirements for integrating LinkedIn with Terminus?

You will need to have a LinkedIn Advertising account with an authorized payment method set up within the LinkedIn platform. Once that is set up, you will be able to link your LinkedIn account to your Terminus account from within the Terminus platform.

Can I integrate with a LinkedIn ad account associated to a company's Showcase page?

Yes, we now support ad accounts associated to a LinkedIn Showcase page, in addition to ad accounts associated to a LinkedIn Company page.

How does Terminus track Sponsored Content Landing Page URL Clicks?

We append our own UTM parameter (name: utm_terminus_abm) to the Landing Page URL. Landing Page should have our Visitor ID script added for us to attribute the clicks to the targeted accounts.

  • If the Landing Page URL you input has a redirect, it may drop our UTM parameter and we won't be able to track the clicks. Example: If the URL is a link or any link shortener or any other provider that redirects.
  • If there are already UTM parameters to the link, we will append to it.
  • If you update your creative, we will not change the UTM parameter id.

If I make changes to a LinkedIn Campaign directly in LinkedIn Campaign manager, do those changes reflect in Terminus?

It is NOT recommended to make changes directly in LinkedIn Campaign manager for those Campaigns created via Terminus. Integration is only one-directional and we do not pull changes that were made in LI directly.

What will I see in my LinkedIn dashboard when I launch a Sponsored Content campaign on Terminus?

In your LinkedIn dashboard, you will see all of your campaigns, including those that have been set up and managed through Terminus, and all of the typical results of a LinkedIn Sponsored Content campaign.

How often does Terminus update reporting?

We update LinkedIn metrics every 24 hours.

Why does Terminus bid on CPM in Terminus campaigns and CPC in LinkedIn campaigns?

Within the LinkedIn advertising platform, there is an option to bid on either cost per click (CPC) or cost per thousand impressions (CPM). With the Terminus integration, you will need to use CPC bids for your campaigns. Using CPC allows your campaigns to benefit from LinkedIn’s internal optimization process which is only available with CPC bids. Terminus Display Ad Network is optimized based on a CPM model.

Can you create multiple Sponsored Content creatives in a single Tactic?

Yes; you can create up to 5 in one tactic. 

How many accounts can be in a LinkedIn Sponsored Content tactic?

Only 200 active accounts at a time.

How does billing work? Will Terminus bill me for LinkedIn media spend?

All billing is handled directly by LI from LI campaign manager. Terminus will NOT bill customers for LI media spend.

How long it takes for Terminus to create a LinkedIn campaign and make it active after I submit in Terminus?

We aim for for LI campaigns to be Active within 12 hours. Creative Status is still dependent on LI SLA, but in most cases, it's active and running within 12 hours.

If you have any questions or need assistance with getting setup using LinkedIn, please reach out to your Terminus Customer Success Manager or Onboarding Specialist, or contact

LinkedIn Benchmark by Region and Industry


Worldwide Membership

  • More than 560 million members in over 200 countries and territories
  • Professionals are signing up to join LinkedIn at a rate of more than 2 new members per second
  • More than 46 million students and recent college graduates on LinkedIn
  • More than 70% of our members are outside the US
  • LinkedIn is available in 24 languages


Economic Graph

  • More than 560M members
  • More than 20M companies are represented on LinkedIn
  • More than 15M open jobs on LinkedIn Jobs
  • More than 60K schools listed
  • 50K skills listed



  • Company Page video is 5x more likely than other types of content to start a conversation among members, based on results in our beta program.
  • LinkedIn members spend almost 3x more time watching video ads compared to time spent with static Sponsored Content
  • More than 90% of B2B marketers are using LinkedIn to distribute content
  • More than 90% of marketers leverage LinkedIn over all other platforms
  • More than 45% of all social media traffic to a company’s homepage comes from LinkedIn
  • 80% of member engagement with Sponsored Content happens on smartphones



  • Weekly members who engage heavily with content are 5x more likely to return daily
  • Tens of thousands of comments every hour
  • More than a million posts, videos and articles course through the LinkedIn feed per day, generating tens of millions more shares and likes
  • 60% YOY increase in updates viewed in the Feed
  • 2 – 4X increase in referral traffic to publishers looking at the same quarter YOY
  • Top publishers have seen an average 120% growth to Company Page followers year over year (October 2016 to October 2017).

Regional Data


Membership Numbers + Average Sponsored Content CTR | Engagement Rate:

  • Australia 9+M - .42% CTR | .48% ER
  • China 41+M - .5% CTR | .67% ER
  • Hong Kong 1+M - .52% CTR | .61% ER
  • India 47+M - .57% CTR | .73% ER
  • Indonesia 10+M - .52% CTR | .65% ER
  • Japan 2+M - .78% CTR | .91% ER
  • Korea 2+M - .55% CTR | .64% ER
  • Malaysia 4+M - .52% CTR | .62% ER
  • New Zealand 1+M - .42% CTR | .48% ER
  • Singapore 2+M - .52% CTR | .58% ER
  • The Philippines 6+M - .64% CTR | .77% ER

Additional Stats:

  • 8 Asian languages supported (Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia and Melayu, Thai, Tagalog, Japanese and Korean)


Germany + China

  • Germany context -- Only market where LinkedIn has had a real competitor in Xing. LinkedIn has been focused on strategy here and is gaining more traction.
    • Audience Size: 8.2MM
    • Sponsored Content Benchmark: .42% CTR | .47% ER
  • China context -- One of LinkedIn's newest markets, and LinkedIn is the only 'external' social media platform that has been able to obtain and retain permission to be in China. LinkedIn runs a very regional strategy here, and the business is still in its nascent stages.
    • Audience Size: 42MM
    • Sponsored Content Benchmark: .49% CTR | .64% ER



Membership Numbers + Average Sponsored Content CTR | Engagement Rate:

  • Belgium 3+M - .42% CTR | .48*% ER
  • Czech Republic 1+M - .38% CTR | .44% CTR
  • Denmark 2+M - .39% CTR | .44% ER
  • Egypt 3+M - .47% CTR | .58% ER
  • Finland 1+M - .37% CTR | .41% ER
  • France 16+M - .44% CTR | .5% ER
  • Ireland 1+M - .41% CTR | .46% ER
  • Israel 1+M - .41% CTR | .48% ER
  • Italy 11+M - .48% CTR | .54% ER
  • Kenya 1+M - .72% CTR | .94% ER
  • Morocco 1+M - .45% CTR | .53% ER
  • Nigeria 3+M - .83% CTR | 1.10% ER
  • Netherlands 7+M - .4% CTR | .44% ER
  • Portugal 2+M - .44% CTR | .55% ER
  • Romania 2+M - .48% CTR | .56% ER
  • Saudi Arabia 2+M - .46% CTR | .56% ER
  • South Africa 6+M - .66% CTR | .8% ER
  • Spain 10+M - .43% CTR | .5% ER
  • Sweden 3+M - .45% CTR | .51% ER
  • Turkey 6+M - .41% CTR | .47% ER
  • UAE 3+M - .48% CTR | .58% ER



Membership Numbers + Average Sponsored Content CTR | Engagement Rate:

  • Argentina 6+M - .51% CTR | .6% ER
  • Brazil 33+M - .59% CTR | .79% ER
  • Chile 4+M - .53% CTR | .61% ER
  • Colombia 6+M - .43% CTR | .5% ER
  • Mexico 11+M - .44% CTR | .52% ER


Membership Numbers + Average Sponsored Content CTR | Engagement Rate:

  • Canada 14+M - .42% CTR | .48% ER
  • U.S. 149+M - .4% CTR | .47% ER


  • EMEA 176+M
  • US 149+M
  • APAC 141+M
  • LATAM 79+M
  • SE Asia 26+M
  • MENA 25+M
  • UK 25+M
  • DACH 11+M


Sponsored Content CTR Benchmarks by Industry:

  • Agriculture - .37%
  • Arts - .97%
  • Construction - .78%
  • Consumer - .77%
  • Corporate - .44%
  • Education - .38%
  • Finance - .53%
  • Government - .62%
  • High-Tech - .39%
  • Legal - .45%
  • Manufacturing - .58%
  • Media - .49%
  • Medical - .62%
  • Non-Profit - .53%
  • Recreational - .55%
  • Service - .45%
  • Transportation - .54%
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