To use this integration, you must have Terminus Ad Experiences as part of your subscription. Additionally, you must have an active LinkedIn advertising account set up with an authorized payment method. For information on how to set up an advertising account in LinkedIn, reference this article

Integration Overview

With the LinkedIn integration, customers can launch, manage and report on LinkedIn Sponsored Content campaigns directly within the Terminus Ad Experiences. Users can build their LinkedIn audiences from the Salesforce Integration for Ad Experiences upload a .CSV list of accountsor leverage any of our other available advertising integrations.

For a step-by-step overview on how to launch a Sponsored Content campaign in Ad Experiences, check out this article.  


The Ad Experiences integration with the LinkedIn advertising platform is powered by our B2B Account Graph (a machine learning, artificial intelligence technology that connects all the ways in which companies and account names are related to each other), to ensure users are reaching the right accounts for their advertising strategy. By running your target accounts through B2B Account Graph (automatically initiated when you submit an advertising tactic for review)not only will we overcome the challengesof inconsistency and inaccurate account names across different data sets, but our LinkedIn integration process also includes finding and matching with the correct LinkedIn company pages for those accounts.

Direct access to LinkedIn’s first-party profile data, the ability to orchestrate a multi-channel digital advertising strategy in one platform, and access to our Salesforce and Data Studio integrations to create dynamic LinkedIn advertising audiences are just a few reasons to take advantage of the LinkedIn integration within Ad Experiences.

Authorizing Your LinkedIn Ad Account in Terminus

To start using the LinkedIn advertising integration, please reach out to, to first ensure the feature has been enabled in your Ad Experiences instance.

You will need to have a an account administrator on your LinkedIn ad account, that is also an approved Sponsored Content Poster, to authorize the Terminus integration.

  • To confirm who is an approved Sponsored Content Poster on your account, go to your LinkedIn Company Page - > Manage Admins -> Sponsored Content Posters.


Once you have confirmed who will authorize the integration, navigate back to your Ad Experiences instance:

  • Settings > Integrations > Select the LinkedIn Icon


  • Click the "Connect to LinkedIn" button and select the LinkedIn Ad Account to associate with your Terminus platform (Note: You can only associate one LinkedIn ad account per Terminus instance).


Once the authentication is complete, your LinkedIn integration page should look like this:


Here, you can view which ad account you have connected, when you authentication expires, and the current status of your LinkedIn ad account.


Reporting Overview

Once you've launched your first Sponsored Content campaign in Terminus, you'll have access to Terminus's reporting to monitor your campaigns. 

In the Campaign Overview page, you can use the "Filter by Channel" drop down to quickly see high-level performance of your LinkedIn campaigns.


From there, you can click on the tactic name to navigate to the LinkedIn Tactic Detail Page.

Within the Tactic Detail Page, you will be able to measure performance as well as review the settings and status of your tactic.  


Tactic Details


This first section of the tactic detail page will contain the following information: 

  • Tactic Details: Current status, goal, budgeting, bids, run time. The following tactic statuses will display for LinkedIn-integrated tactics:
    • Pending - This status will appear soon as a tactic is submitted, and while it is going through the review/setup process. 
    • Active but Not Running - This status will show under the following circumstances: (1) The tactic is active (a campaign in LinkedIn has successfully been created), but the creative has not been approved, is rejected, or the LinkedIn ad account is on “hold,” (2) The tactic is active/running, the creative is approved, but the audience count is not above the threshold, (3) The tactic is active, but the creative has been paused.
    • Running - Tactic is active/serving, creative is approved, and LI ad account is active.
  • Audience & Targeting Criteria: Departments / seniority or specific titles selected, audience count, audience source, source rules and progression rule (if using our Salesforce integration), and your targeting location(s). 
    • Per LinkedIn's targeting rules, if your total audience member count comes back below 300 unique members (across all your accounts), you will be notified in Terminus. If this is the case, you will need to go back and expand your audience targeting criteria. Typically, your audience count will be returned within 24 hours of submitting a new tactic.
    • NOTE: There is a maximum of 100 unique titles that can be selected per Sponsored Content campaign.


  • Sponsored Content: Creative approval status (from LinkedIn), landing page URL, intro text and title. The following tactic statuses will display for Sponsored Content creatives:
    • Pending : This status will appear soon as a tactic is submitted, and until creative is reviewed by LinkedIn.
    • Active: This status will appear when creative is approved and ready for serving.
    • Rejected:This status will appear when creative has been rejected by LinkedIn
    • Paused: This status will appear when creative in LinkedIn is paused, or when the tactic is paused.

You can also select the menu in the top right corner of the Sponsored Content Box to edit, pause, or archive the tactic. 


Tactic Metrics


Information in this section is pulled directly from the LinkedIn advertising platform. It will display: 

  • Impressions: The number of times LinkedIn members in your targeting audience saw your ad.
  • Clicks: The number of chargeable clicks on your ad. This includes clicks on the ad content and your company name and logo, but excludes some social actions such as likes, comments, and shares.
  • Average CTR: The average ratio of ad impressions to ad clicks. 
  • Average CPC: This is the total you spent on your ads divided by total clicks on your ad.
  • Total Spent: The total amount you spent (based on clicks) for your campaign. 

Account Engagement


This section will provide an account-level view of your LinkedIn tactic. It will show:

  • Targeted Accounts: Accounts from your audience we were able to match with LinkedIn company page.
  • Landing Page Clicks: Aggregate number of landing page clicks for this Sponsored Content campaign. 
  • Last Landing Page Click: Last Landing Page click date registered.
  • Progressed: Accounts that met your progression rule (only for tactics using Salesforce as the audience source).
  • Enable/Disable: Shows what accounts are currently active in the campaign, and which have been manually turned off or progressed. 

 A note on how Terminus tracks Sponsored Content clicks:

In order to attribute click activity at the account-level, we append our own UTM parameter (name: utm_terminus_abm) to the landing page URL of your Sponsored Content campaign. Your landing page will need to have our our Visitor ID script added for us to attribute the clicks to your targeted accounts. A few additional notes about this feature:

  • Visitor ID tracks visits to your website, and associates them back to an account, via a reverse-IP lookup. So, if a LinkedIn click occurs when a user is not connected to a recognizable company IP address, (ex: they're browsing at home), we won't be able to attribute that click to an account.
  • If the Landing Page URL you input has a redirect, it may drop our UTM parameter and we won't be able to track the clicks. Example: If the URL is a link or any link shortener or any other provider that redirects.
  • If there are already UTM parameters to the link, we will append to it.
  • If you update your creative, we will not change the UTM parameter id.
  • We will only be able to count an ad click if a user clicks on the actual ad itself. Clicking elsewhere on the ad will not result in a tracked click:


Need ideas for incorporating LinkedIn into your ABM strategy?

Check out this customer case study: Targeted Messaging and Better Measurement with LinkedIn + Terminus


What is the cost of the Terminus integration with Terminus?

  • There is no additional cost to use the LinkedIn integration with your existing Terminus plan. Each LinkedIn Sponsored Content campaigns you run will count towards the total number of tactics you have in your Terminus pricing plan.

What are the requirements for integrating LinkedIn with Terminus?

  • You will need to have a LinkedIn Advertising account with an authorized payment method set up within the LinkedIn platform. Once that is set up, you will be able to link your LinkedIn account to your Terminus account from within the Terminus platform.

Can I integrate with a LinkedIn ad account associated to my company's Showcase page?

  • Yes, we now support ad accounts associated to a LinkedIn Showcase page, in addition to ad accounts associated to a LinkedIn Company page.

If I make changes to a LinkedIn Campaign directly in LinkedIn Campaign manager, do those changes reflect in Terminus?

  • It is NOT recommended to make changes directly in LinkedIn Campaign manager for those Campaigns created via Terminus. Integration is only one-directional and we do not pull changes that were made in LI directly.

What currencies are accepted for the Terminus LinkedIn integration?

  • Currently the integration only supports LinkedIn ad account whose billing currency is in US Dollars (USD).

What will I see in my LinkedIn dashboard when I launch a Sponsored Content campaign on Terminus?

  • In your LinkedIn dashboard, you will see all of your campaigns, including those that have been set up and managed through Terminus, and all of the typical results of a LinkedIn Sponsored Content campaign.

How often does Terminus update reporting?

  • We update LinkedIn metrics every 24 hours.

Why does Terminus bid on CPM in Terminus campaigns and CPC in LinkedIn campaigns?

  • Within the LinkedIn advertising platform, there is an option to bid on either cost per click (CPC) or cost per thousand impressions (CPM). With the Terminus integration, you will need to use CPC bids for your campaigns. Using CPC allows your campaigns to benefit from LinkedIn’s internal optimization process which is only available with CPC bids. Terminus Display Ad Network is optimized based on a CPM model.

Can you create multiple Sponsored Content creatives in a single Tactic?

  • Yes; you can create up to 5 in one tactic. 

How many accounts can be in a LinkedIn Sponsored Content tactic?

  • Only 200 active accounts at a time.

How does billing work? Will Terminus bill me for LinkedIn media spend?

  • All billing is handled directly by LI from LI campaign manager. Terminus will NOT bill customers for LI media spend.

How long it takes for Terminus to create a LinkedIn campaign and make it active after I submit in Terminus?

  • We aim for for LI campaigns to be Active within 12 hours. Creative Status is still dependent on LI SLA, but in most cases, it's active and running within 12 hours.

Is there a maximum number of titles I can select, per Sponsored Content Campaign?

  • Yes; there is a maximum of 100 unique titles that can be selected per Sponsored Content campaign.

If you have any questions or need assistance with getting setup using LinkedIn, please contact

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