To utilize this integration, you must be a Terminus Ad Experiences customer, and you must have Orchestrate as part of your Engagio subscription.

Integration Overview

This integration provides an ability for you to send your best fit accounts directly from Engagio to a Terminus advertising tactic and orchestrate your ABM strategy on multiple channels within the Terminus platform.

How to Integrate Terminus and Engagio

*NOTE: Terminus is a tenant-level integration, which will require an Engagio admin to set up.

In Engagio, you will start by adding Terminus as an integration point, and authorize Engagio to send target accounts to Terminus. Once the authentication is established, you can add Terminus as a Play Step in Orchestrate.

Step 1: Connect Orchestrate to the Terminus platform

  • In Orchestrate, navigate to Settings > General > Integration.
  • Click on the "Create Data Source" button and select Terminus.
  • Confirm "Is Active" toggle is turned on and click the "Save" button.
  • This will initiate authorization process
    • If you are not already logged in to your Terminus platform, login with your Terminus credential and follow the steps to complete the process
    • If you are already logged in, it will skip the login screen


Step 2: Create a Tactic in Terminus with Engagio as the Audience Source

In Terminus, you will create a new Campaign/Tactic and select Engagio as the Audience Source for either the display or LinkedIn Sponsored Content advertising channels. 

  • Reach out to your Terminus CSM or Onboarding Specialist to ensure the Engagio integration has been made available in your Ad Experiences instance. 
  • Start by creating a new advertising tactic in Terminus Ad Experiences.
  • Select either display or LinkedIn as your advertisement channel.
    • A LinkedIn tactic will be able to accept a maximum of 200 accounts.
    • A Terminus tactic will be able to accept a maximum of 1,500 accounts.  
  • Select Engagio as your Audience Source and proceed with Tactic build process. For more information on Terminus's integration with LinkedIn, check out this article


  • Once the tactic is submitted, it will be visible in Engagio Orchestrate. 

Step 3: Executing the Terminus Step in Orchestrate

  • Once your new tactic has been submitted, navigate to Orchestrate and select your Campaign & Tactic from the dropdown.
  • An Approver is optional


  • Once your Campaign / Tactic has been selected in Orchestrate, we will sync over new accounts as they trigger the Terminus Play Step.

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