EverString Integration for Ad Experiences


  • If the "Everstring" audience source option is not already available in your Terminus Ad Experiences tactic builder, please reach out to support@terminus.com to have the integration enabled for you. 
  • Must have access to an EverString environment (with available Quotas)


This integration provides an ability for you to send your best fit accounts directly from EverString to a Terminus tactic and orchestrate your ABM strategy on multiple channels within the Terminus platform.

How the Integration Works

In Terminus Ad Experiences, start by creating a new campaign/tactic and select EverString as the Audience Source for either the Display Advertisement channel, or the LinkedIn Sponsored Content advertising channel. As you send your best fit accounts from EverString, Terminus will run those accounts through its B2B account graph to find  intended target account from the account name, even if there are data challenges with various company names, subsidiaries, parent-child issues, misspellings, unusual naming conventions, and more. It ensures Terminus’ advertising is targeting the right accounts and measurement tools are correctly attributing results.

In EverString, you can  start by adding Terminus as an integration point and starting authentication process to authorize Everstring to send Target Accounts to Terminus. Once the authentication is established, you can create or select one of the existing audience for your best fit accounts and publish directly to a Terminus Tactic. Note that all new published accounts will count against existing EverString quota.

Setup In EverString

You will be able to send your best fit accounts directly to an active Terminus tactic.

Please refer to EverString product documentation for in-depth understanding on the product including Audience and Quotas that applies for this integration. Link Here: FAQ

  • Start by authorizing EverString to send accounts to Terminus on behalf of the user
    • If you are not already logged in to your Terminus platform, login with your Terminus credential and follow the steps to complete the process
    • If you are already logged in, it will skip the login screen
    • Navigate to Account (settings)
    • Select Terminus under Integration
    • Click OAuth to initiate authorization process


  • Create a new audience or use existing audience
  • Click Publish -> Terminus


  • Select a Tactic and number of Companies and hit Publish



Setup In Terminus

  • Start by creating a new Campaign and a Tactic and select either LinkedIn or Terminus Display Advertisement as your advertisement channel.
  • Configure Campaign and Tactic Details
  • Select EverString as Audience Source and proceed with Tactic build process. For more information on LinkedIn channel - follow this link.



  • Once the tactic is submitted, it will be visible in EverString
  • A LinkedIn tactic will be able to accept a maximum of 200 accounts.
  • A Terminus tactic will be able to accept a maximum of 1,500 accounts. 


If you have any questions about the integration or need help, please reach out to the Support team at support@terminus.com.

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