Terminus Engagement Spike (Formerly Account Surge)

The term Engagement Spike (formerly called Account Surge) refers to a data signal for Marketing and Sales to understand that a target account is engaging with their product offerings and brand through a lift in web activity relative to prior activity from that account. 

Engagement Spike is based off of the data we collect from Account-Based Visitor ID. By applying an algorithm to the number of visitors and views to specific pages, we can determine if the level of web engagement for a particular target account is high enough to be considered spiking. Terminus Engagement Spike is account specific and is not intended to be a comparison between accounts but to compare the web activity of the same account week over week, averaging each week’s engagement data over a continual rolling 4 week baseline resulting in a percentage lift as we show for the spike percentage.

You will need to set up an Engagement Model to have reports generated for download. A model is a compilation of web pages categorized into two types; High Value and Brand Awareness.

A report is generated every Saturday morning. Marketers will receive an email alert that a new report is available and can be downloaded first thing Monday morning.  

Setting up an Engagement Model

Requirement: Must have implemented Visitor ID. Click HERE to learn more about Visitor ID.

  • Access to Engagement Spike Overview Page - navigate to the overview page by clicking on the Engagement Spike link from your top navigation menu bar. 



  • Click on the 'Add New' button to create a new model 



  • Engagement Model Setup screen


  • Engagement Model Name: click on the pencil icon to name your model something identifiable such as a goal, product line, or something that you will recognize
  • Engagement Spike is based on Account-Based Visitor ID so you will only be able to add pages that are part of their whitelisted domains synced to the VID service. The whitelisted domains are displayed for you at page entry.
  • If you explicitly whitelisted ‘www.terminus.com’ then all pages copied and pasted in will have to include the ‘www’ prefix
  • If you whitelisted without the prefix such as "terminus.com" then all pages cannot include the ‘www’ prefix
  • We support wildcarding URLs such as terminus.com/platform/*. Anything after the platform/ will be captured. We also support multiple wildcards in the same URL. If your website is multilingual, you can insert multiple wildcards such as terminus.com/*/products/*
  • Add Pages to Engagement Model: There are 2 types of pages that Marketers can add to create an Engagement Model; High Value and Brand Awareness. As a best practice, we recommend consulting with your sales leaders on valuable pages
    • High Value pages are those that could indicate buying intent, interest in your product offerings, or otherwise have proven value when consumed leads to higher conversion rates within the buyer's journey
      • Examples of high value pages are product pages, product resources pages, case studies, request a demo pages, contact us pages, pricing pages, free trial pages, other critical content that a future customer might consume during research
    • Brand Awareness pages are those that indicate interest in your brand in general
      • Examples of brand awareness pages are about us, press releases, blog articles
  • Pages can be edited at any time 


Engagement Spike Report

  • Engagement Spike Report Download - A button to download the report will be available on the setup screen Saturday mornings if you had accounts that spiked the prior week. The report includes Engagement Spike data from Saturday to Friday of the prior week.
    • The report will be available to download during the week until the next report is generated. We advise that you download and save the report as it will not be available in the UI after the next report is generated.


  • Account Name: the name of your account from source of audience
  • Account Domain: account domain pulled in from source of audience
  • Visitor ID Tracked Domain: domain that we attributed to based on your account name
  • Spike Status: New or Repeat
    • New are spikes from an account that have never spiked before or spiked again but after not having spiked for at least 4 weeks (account went dark)
    • Repeat are spikes from accounts that have spiked at least once during the last 4 weeks and the percentage displayed is the % lift or increase since the last spike
  • High Value Page Unique Visitors: number of unique visitors to any of the high value pages entered into the model
  • High Value Page Views: number of page views to any of the high value pages entered into the model
  • Brand Awareness Unique Visitors: number of unique visitors to any of the brand awareness pages entered into the model
  • Brand Awareness Page Views: number of page views to any of the brand awareness pages entered into the model
  • SFDC Owner Names: names of owners for the spiking accounts we pull in from the your CRM. There can be multiple as it depends on the SFDC object you used to pull in accounts into Terminus Tactics.
    • For example, on an opportunity object, there can be many different opportunities with different opportunity owners


For more information on how to push this valuable data into your SFDC, please see our article on our Sales Insights feature here. 




  • What is Engagement Spike and what are Engagement Metrics?
    • Engagement Spike is a type of engagement metric, specifically web engagement in relation to the pages you have specifically identified to create an Engagement Model.


  • Is there a difference between Engagement Spike and engagement scoring?
    • Yes, engagement scoring would be calculated over a longer period of time whereas Engagement Spike is significant for a week.


  • Can I edit my pages?
    • Yes, you can edit your pages at any time but the edits will not take into account until the next spike report is generated which would be the following Monday morning. 


  • What happens if I delete a page?
    • Web activity to any deleted pages will not be taken into consideration the next Monday when your new spike report is generated.


  • What happens if I remove a whitelisted domain?
    • After consulting with your Customer Success Manager and a whitelisted domain that is captured with Account-Based Visitor ID is removed, all pages associated with that domain will need to be removed.


  • What if a page is kind of both?
    • If a particular page is both high value and brand awareness we recommend adding it as high value. Web activity to high value pages will are evaluated to be more valuable when consumed.


  • How do I wildcard?
    • We support wildcarding with an asterisk (*). For example, if you’d like to wildcard the main products page, simply enter in the URL into your model with an asterisk after the / such as terminus.com/platform/* and we will capture anything after platform/. We do not support multi-wildcarded URLs at this time. Wildcarding can only be added at the end of an URL. 


  • Can I wildcard a page as brand awareness but then add a specific page under that wildcard as high value?
    • Yes, you can, if you wildcard a blog page such as terminus.com/blog/* but would like to add a specific blog post as high value, any web engagement to that specific page will be tracked as high value.


  • Do I have to enter pages of both types? 
    • No, you can have a complete model with all high value pages. You only need to enter in at least 1 type.


  • Why don’t I have a new spike report available for download? 
    • There were not any accounts that had a level of web activity high enough to be considered spiking. Evaluating the pages selected and entered into your model will be a good exercise to go through to ensure you have captured all that you and your Sales partners find valuable when consumed. Please reach out to your CSM for best practices in setting up a model. 


  • How many times can I download the same report? 
    • You are able to download the report as many times as needed for the current week.


  • How long will a report be available for me to download?
    • For the current week. When reports are generated and available for download, the same report will be available until the next Saturday morning.


  • What if I miss a week’s report because I’m out of the office or got too busy and forgot?
    • Not to fear, a report is generated every week so you’ll have the most relevant information on a weekly basis.


  • Can I get an updated Engagement Spike report when I edit my pages?
    • Any edits that take place during the week will reflect the update in the next Saturday's report.


  • Can I see the specific pages that triggered an Engagement Spike?
    • Engagement Spike is based on specific pages you entered to create a model so the spike itself is based off web engagement to the whole collection of pages and not to individual pages. We do not show engagement to individual page URLs in the engagement report but you can look up the account in Visitor ID to see each page visit.


  • How is an Engagement Spike determined?
    • Using a Terminus proprietary algorithm, we analyzed the activity of unique visitors and page views for pages entered into a model to determine if there is an increase in the level of engagement that is significant compared to the prior level of engagement for that same account. After an account has spiked for the first time, that account’s week over week activity will be used to create an average rolling 4 week baseline that the current week’s engagement will be compared against. This is what determines if a spike is new or repeat. New spikes have no baseline of comparison thus have no spike percentage lift. The first repeat spike could have a very high percentage lift because the baseline of comparison is 0.


  • What is a new spike?
    • A new spike is an account that has had a level of web engagement high enough to be considering spiking for the first time OR has spiked again without having spiked for 4 weeks or more. We want to show accounts that spiked without having spiked in at least 4 weeks as ‘New’ because the time for short-term, relevant activity has past.


  • What is a repeat spike?
    • A repeat spike are accounts that spiked again after spiking within 4 weeks. It could be accounts that spike week over week or accounts that spiked 2 weeks ago and spiked again. For an account to be considered a repeat spike, they would have had to spike at least once in the last 4 weeks. We want to show this behavior of repeat spikes as continued interest in your company.


  • What is the Spike % number? 
    • It is the % lift (increase) in engagement since the last time that account spiked within 4 weeks. The spike % increase is always a comparison of that same account’s engagement over a rolling 4 week period.


  • Why isn’t there a Spike % for new spikes?
    • New spikes have no baseline of comparison, therefore, no % lift in engagement.


  • How should I interpret Spike %?
    • It should be interpreted as the increase in web engagement since the last time that account has spiked.


  • How is Terminus’ Engagement Spike different from Bombora’s Surge? 
    • Terminus Engagement Spike measures engagement to your website vs Bombora which measures specific topics or cluster of topics across the web


  • What if my company is Enterprise size, and has different teams and product lines? 
    • We suggest creating the model based off of the most important product line. They could create a model off of all of them and segment out the spiking accounts by account owner.


  • I only have access to set up one model and would like more, what should I do?  
    • Please reach out to your CSM if you would like more models. 


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