To use this feature, you must have Engagement Models as part of your subscription. Additionally, you must have Account-Based Visitor ID installed

To download the a .PDF version of the Setup Guide for this feature, please navigate to the end of this article.

For more information on Engagement Spike Reports, check out this article.

Feature Overview

The term
Engagement Spike refers to a data signal for Marketing and Sales to understand that a target account is engaging with their product offerings and brand through a lift in web activity relative to prior activity from that account.  

Engagement Spike is based off of the data we collect from Account-Based Visitor ID. By applying an algorithm to the number of visitors and views to specific pages, we can determine if the level of web engagement for a particular target account is high enough to be considered spiking. Terminus Engagement Spike is account-specific and is not intended to be a comparison between accounts, but to compare the web activity of the same account week over week, averaging each week’s engagement data over a continual rolling 4 week baseline resulting in a percentage lift as we show for the spike percentage.

You will need to set up an Engagement Model to have reports generated for download. A model is a compilation of web pages categorized into two types; High Value and Brand Awareness.

A report is generated every Saturday morning. Marketers will receive an email alert that a new report is available and can be downloaded first thing Monday morning.  

Setting up Engagement Models

Note: You must have implemented our Account-Based Visitor ID tool to leverage this feature.

To get started, navigate to the Engagement Spike Overview Page in the Ad Experiences navigation bar:


Click on the 'Add New' button to create a new model.

Please reach out to your Terminus CSM to confirm the number of Engagement Spike Models you can create.



Engagement Model Setup screen


Naming Your Model

Click on the pencil icon under the "Model Name" section to name your model. Model names should typically be something identifiable such as a goal, product line, or something that your internal teams will recognize.

Adding Your Web Pages

Engagement Spike is based off of Terminus's Account-Based Visitor ID, so you will only be able to add pages that are part of the whitelisted domains that are synced to your Terminus instance. The whitelisted domains are displayed for you at top of the "Add Pages to Engagement Model" section. A few things to note before getting started:

  • If you explicitly whitelisted ‘’ then all pages copied and pasted in will have to include the ‘www’ prefix
  • If you whitelisted without the prefix such as "" then all pages cannot include the ‘www’ prefix (Please reach out to if any domains need to be edited or added)
  • We support wildcarding URLs such as*. In this example, any URLs that follow a similar structure on your site (ex: will be captured as a tracked page, as well as the path up to the wildcard (ex: If you want to track a single URL, you should only submit that URL, with no wildcard (*) included
  • We also support multiple wildcards in the same URL. If your website is multilingual, you can insert multiple wildcards such as "*/products/*"
    • However, you cannot include a single wildcard in the middle of a URL; for example:*/thank-you

Once you start inputting web URLs, you will be asked to assign a Page Type to each. There are 2 types of pages that users can add to create an Engagement Model; High Value and Brand Awareness. In the Engagement Model algorithm, High Value pages are weighted more heavily than Brand Awareness pages. Any web page that is not tagged High Value or Brand Awareness will not be counted in the Engagement Model algorithm. As a best practice, we recommend consulting with your sales leaders, and other internal stakeholders that may be leveraging this data, on how pages should be designated. 

  • High Value pages are those that could indicate buying intent, interest in your products or services, or have proven value related to your buyer's journey. Examples of high value pages could be: product pages, product resources pages, case studies, request a demo pages, contact us pages, pricing pages, free trial pages, or other critical content that a current or future customer might consume while researching your offering.
  • Brand Awareness pages are those that provide information about your company and/or information on the problems you solve. Examples of Brand Awareness pages could be: blog posts, high-level product pages, content related to the challenge your solution addresses, company news, and about us.

Note: You can edit, add, or remove pages in your Engagement Models at any time. 





What happens if I delete a page in my Engagement Model?

  • Web activity to any deleted pages will not be taken into consideration the next Saturday when your new spike report is generated.  

What happens when I modify an engagement model, or create a new engagement model?

  • If an existing engagement is modified (pages are added or removed), new baselines for engagement spikes will be calculated over the following weekend, and will reflect in your next weekly report.
  • When a new engagement model is created, engagement spikes could show as early as the first weekly report. The Terminus algorithm will look at historical activity on your Visitor ID tracked pages over the last four weeks to generate your first report, and will recalculate that baseline over a four-weekly rolling timeframe for each engagement model.

What happens if I remove a whitelisted domain?

  • If you need to remove a whitelisted domain, please contact When a whitelisted domain that is captured with Account-Based Visitor ID is removed, all pages associated with that domain will need to be removed.  

Can I wildcard a section of pages as brand awareness, but then add a specific page sunder that wildcard as high value?

  • Yes - if you wildcard a blog page such as*, but would like to add a specific blog post as high value, any web engagement to that specific page will be tracked as high value.


Do I have to enter pages of both types into my model? 

  • No, you can have an entire model built with all high value or awareness pages.

How is Terminus’ Engagement Spike different than intent data?

  • Terminus Engagement Spike measures engagement activity on your website, while intent data is based on searches, content consumption, and general activity across the web.

I only have access to set up one Engagement Model and would like more - what should I do? 

  • Please reach out to your Terminus CSM if you are interested in adding additional models to your instance.


To download the .PDF Setup guide for this feature, see below! 

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