Terminus helps you expand your reach even further with new social integrations

Terminus has recently added new social and email channels to give you even more reach within your target accounts. This new inventory is now available in Terminus campaigns for any campaign where the appropriate ad sizes are included.


We are excited to announce that LinkedIn inventory is now available. It can be accessed via a 160x600 or 300x250 ad and it supports Image Ads or HTML5. This inventory has a higher than average click-through-rate and has an 85% in-view rate. CPC for this network typically is around $15.

Note: Due to the competitive nature of this inventory win rates can vary.


LiveIntent is a new ad network that displays your ads in email newsletters. The great thing about LiveIntent is that ad impressions are maintained beyond the initial ad load, including forwards and reopens. This means if the email is opened, forwarded, or reopened, your ad continues to appear in the newsletter. These impressions (called ‘echo impressions’) are free impressions that are served as a result of re-opening an email or forwarding the email to someone else within a 1-day period. Both first impressions and any echo impressions are reported together and cost is only incurred for the initial impression, giving you much more bang for your buck.

LiveIntent inventory is accessed via a 728x90 or a 300x250 image ad, with a 40kb maximum file size. LiveIntent inventory has a higher than average click-through rate, and a low average CPC (around $11).


We’re working diligently on improving visibility into these new channels with a new chart that will be added to the platform later this year to report social, email, and display impressions in your campaign dashboard.

If you have any questions about either of these channels, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

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