Q3 2016 - Changes Made

In April, Terminus announced three significant product updates: Account Hub, Direct Mail, and a new UI. We’re excited to share that these updates are currently in beta and general release is planned for mid-August.

We want to assure you that we’re taking all the steps necessary to ensure the transition is smooth and does not interrupt your workflow. In fact, these changes will make Terminus significantly easier to use. We’re excited that these new capabilities will enhance your experience and make Terminus an even more powerful platform for ABM.


Here’s more on the new features:

Account Hub

The Account Hub is your new Terminus command central – it will allow you to be more strategic with ABM campaigns and more precisely measure account behavior. You will be able to set account-level goals and strategies and align those to specific  audiences. For example, you could choose the strategy “Demand Generation” for accounts in the top of the funnel. Then, you define the audience for this strategy using CRM stages and/or other characteristics based off CRM fields such as industry. After defining the strategy and audience, you will be able to build campaigns as part of that strategy. Each strategy can support multiple campaigns and the audiences can be further segmented for each campaign (e.g. a campaign can target all of the accounts in one of many opportunity stage aligned to a strategy). Finally, we’ve made it significantly easier to track and report on positive pipeline progression. The account hub allows for better overall strategic alignment and assessment as well as optimizing campaigns for pipeline acceleration.


Direct Mail Campaigns

We’ve added direct mail capabilities to complement our display and video ads. We’re excited about our first step in becoming a true omni-channel ABM platform. You will be able to select accounts based on their current stage of the marketing and sales cycle, and automate the process of creating, printing, and shipping a direct mail piece, including finding the mailing addresses. Terminus has a partnership with PrintingForLess to enable automated fulfillment, and also provides delivery notification.


New UI

Every button, font and image in the product has been given a fresh look with the goal of making Terminus easier to navigate and use.

Rest assured that all the familiar functions you’re accustomed to work exactly as they have in the past, outside of the functional changes being introduced as part of Account Hub.



We’ve also added two new ad partners - LinkedIn and LiveIntent.


Through our new programmatic buying option, Terminus is now able to serve ads on LinkedIn! It’s important to tailor your messaging for a professional audience. Your 160x600 and 300x250 formats will be supported.


LiveIntent, a programmatic email platform, announced a partnership with our demand-side platform (DSP). LiveIntent delivers ads inside of over 750 of the world’s most popular newsletters delivered directly to your customer’s and prospect’s inboxes. Your 728x90 and 300x250 formats will be supported.

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