Q2 2016 - Changes Made


  1. Match Transparency -  Company Name vs. URL
  2. Bulk Actions capability
  3. Integration Settings: Rule Builder Options and Progression Ordering
  4. Additional Department Buckets



1. Match Transparency -  Company Name vs. URL

Terminus does not use just cookie data or IP data, but we have two databases, one that uses each method, to enhance the accuracy of our targeting capabilities. One of our data providers matches solely on URL so we see a huge value in providing total transparency on which of your data segments matched; whether it’s company name, URL, or both. You can access this view within a campaign by clicking into the Table View tab just above the flipped funnel. As we utilize both cookie and IP data sets to ensure the best match possible, data cleanliness is optimal!

Please note: if your data is missing a segment, this means the segment was not included in the original input. (i.e. Company name listed, but no URL)



2. Bulk Actions Capability

Need to edit multiple creatives at once? There is now a bulk actions capability that will allow you to once selected, assign multiple ads to a set created for A/B testing, disable multiple ads, or edit the destination URL’s associated with the ads selected.

You can still complete these actions on an individual basis by clicking the blue edit pencil next to the desired ad.




3. Integration Settings

You might notice your integration settings tab looks a bit different as we’ve changed some things around! There are now three drop downs for you to choose from:

  1. Rule Builder Options
  2. Field Mappings (SFDC)
  3. Progression Ordering


Rule Builder Options

The Rule Builder Options dropdown is comprised of all the custom fields pulled in from your Salesforce. These are available for you to choose field additions you’d like to apply to the audience builder portion of campaign set-up. If there is a certain field that would help you to best create your target audience, select it under the appropriate object and it will then appear during campaign set-up. 


Progression Ordering

With our style of targeting, Terminus shows the main measure of success in the progression of your target accounts through the pipeline, from one stage to the next.

By organizing positive progressions in the order in which they would occur in your Salesforce, it will allow us visibility into the flow of your pipeline and your CSM will be better equipped to ensure your success.


4. Additional Department Buckets

We’ve recently expanded our department level targeting to allow our customers more options and granularity. The following departments are now available for you to choose from:

  • Customer Service
  • General Engineering
  • Education
  • Medical
  • Government


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