Table View

The Table View is an option available within each of your Terminus campaigns and allows you to view account-level metrics in a sortable view. You can access the table view by clicking "Show Table View" just under the settings in your desired campaign. 


In the Table View, you can sort by various metrics as shown below. Many customers find this view extremely helpful when identifying top engaged accounts!


You can easily mass disable/enable companies in this view by clicking the slider icon in the On/Off column. If a company is disabled, they will no longer receive ads and will show as Inactive (the company and associated metrics will then be 'grayed out'). 

As Terminus is leveraging both cookie and IP data to match upon, the Table View gives you complete transparency into whether Terminus matched upon the company name input, company URL input, or both! This is notated by the green checkmark next to name and/or URL. 


If crossed out, this is indicative that Terminus did not utilize that segment for matching.


If interested in metrics for a particular date range, leverage the Lifetime dropdown. Here you can select Yesterday, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, or apply a specific date range. 



The Table View is also exportable! You can print the entire table or export using the Save Page to CSV button (shown in above screenshot). This feature is great for reporting purposes. 

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