Progression Rules - The Fuel in the ABM Rocketship

Why identify and set progression rules in Terminus?

The ability to capture and encourage progression of your targeted accounts is where Terminus shows the most value. We absolutely provide the precision account targeting that Terminus is known for regardless of the campaign format, but we must say that identifying the desired progression is where we shine.  

Our platform is meant to accelerate movement through the pipeline, and, while we know we have an effect, setting up a granular progression is the key to “popping the hood” on how exactly that is happening within your campaigns.  The keyword here is granularity.  Whether your SFDC integration is humming or not, the finer the distinction between pipeline stages within your campaign set, the better.

For example, let’s say that your leads progress through what we see to be a fairly common progression before they become your customers: 


Prospecting → MQL → SQL → Open Opportunity → Negotiation → Closed/Won


Ideally, we would see campaigns set up to cover every progression (where we see an arrow above), to capture every step of the process that is nudged along by Terminus’ ad targeting ability and to serve accounts stage-specific ads leading to un-gated, stage-relevant content.

We all know that accounts don't always follow the exact path I've laid out, so it's important to cover that in the campaign preparation process.  You would accomplish this by identifying the earliest meaningful status that you'd like to target, and setting that status as the "jumping off point," with all other succeeding stages set as your progression rule. This ensures that once the status of a given target account changes to a stage further in the sales funnel, the account will then transition out of the campaign and effectively "progress" to the next campaign to which it will become part of the appropriate audience, falling within the next meaningful status / stage of the buyer's journey.

By building campaigns for each stage and setting your progression rule for all ensuing stages, Terminus will be able to capture all positive movement within your sales cycle. The result is full pipeline acceleration resulting from a increasingly narrow start/finish layout within your campaigns.   

This campaign strategy yields a waterfall-style campaign architecture, and can take the following layout:


In the platform, you can set progression as you're building your audience in the campaign wizard. As shown below, you will see the 'Account Progression' section and this is where you will define how you plan to see success with Terminus.


Digging deeply into the audience building criteria, as well as the progression setup, will reveal that an alarming degree of targeting specificity is possible. This will likely result in a larger than anticipated number of campaigns running at any given time, but our seamless SFDC integration will make this a breeze, and our CSM team will make sure that things stay breezy. 

Terminus, is, in essence, an engagement and pipeline velocity acceleration solution, and leveraging the platform to its fullest potential is about linking the driving philosophy behind ABM with the ability to serve content to eyeballs that need to see it. As users of the platform, you have the ability to do this, and will undoubtedly see the most value when you dig as deeply as you can, segmenting your campaigns as finely as possible.

After working with your Customer Success Manager to ensure that your campaigns are clicking along, driving accounts through your pipeline and converting your audience to customers, you’ll be a cape-worthy ABM Hero admired by everyone you know. 

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