General Tactic Settings - What Can I Edit?

You are able to edit general tactic settings such as:

  • Tactic Name
  • Goal
  • Daily Budget
  • Overall Budget
  • Tactic Flight dates
  • Job Roles
  • Active Companies
  • Ad Creative
  • Destination URL per creative

 Everything with an orange pencil is editable. 

Edit Tactic Settings


 Edit Active Companies

You can edit Active Companies using the green slider icon in the Card View as well as the Table View. If a company is disabled, they will no longer receive ads and will be placed in the Inactive tab and subsequently 'grayed out' to indicate a disabled status. 



Edit Creative

If you'd like to remove a certain creative from a tactic or change a destination URL, you can click the orange edit pencil next to the ad you'd like to update. To remove, click the Disable button. The creative will then move to a Disabled Creatives tab in order to preserve metrics associated with that ad. 




Need to edit multiple creatives?

If you need to disable or update destination URL's for multiple creatives at once, leverage the Bulk Actions option! This will allow you to select each creative you'd like to update and choose from the options listed in the Bulk Actions Dropdown. 

  • Assign - choose a set to assign the selected ads for A/B Testing
  • Disable - this will remove the selected ads and place them in a Disabled Creatives tab
  • Edit - update the destination URL for the selected ads. This will allow you to apply 1 destination URL for multiple creatives. 




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