Terminus Ad Experiences and Salesforce: Integration Guide


To use these features, you must have the Terminus Ad Experiences product as part of your subscription and you must be an API Enabled Salesforce CRM customer.

Integration Overview

What is Terminus?

The Terminus Engagement Hub is designed to enable everyone in marketing, sales, and leadership to address the challenges facing ABM teams today. Within the platform, users can identify and prioritize target accounts, engage the buying committee with multichannel programs, send actionable insights to sales, measure results, and report on success to their entire organization.

Ad Experiences allows B2B marketers to engage their target accounts across digital display, retargeting, and social advertising channels, and accelerate marketing and sales pipeline at scale.

How does Ad Experiences integrate with Salesforce?

1.  Using Salesforce Data to Create Dynamic Advertising Audiences

The Ad Experiences product allows users to select accounts to target with digital advertising from their Salesforce CRM data. Here is an example of how your CRM data is used in the advertising audience builder:

Target ACCOUNTS where INDUSTRY = “Finance” and STATUS = ”Tier 1”



 End users can manage the SFDC integration directly in the Ad Experiences interface:Screen_Shot_2019-06-27_at_4.24.57_PM.png

The advertising Audience Builder leverages account-level data from key SFDC objects:Screen_Shot_2019-06-27_at_4.28.12_PM.png 

The integration also allows users to set progression rules, which are automated triggers, based on updates made on the Account object, that remove accounts from an active advertising tactic.


2. Pushing Data Back into SFDC for Sales Activation

While the advertising integration will only READ data from your Salesforce instance, Terminus’ Sales Insights feature pushes account engagement data from Terminus back into Salesforce, enabling salespeople to prioritize outreach by accounts that are aware of, most engaged with, and/or actively researching their company’s offerings.

Sales Insights is an Salesforce package that surfaces data related to Terminus advertising, website engagement, and Terminus’s Engagement Spike feature. For more information on the data available for this package, please reference this support article.

Customize the layout for Sales Insights on the Account object


What are the benefits of integrating Terminus Ad Experiences and Salesforce?

There are several benefits of integrating Terminus Ad Experiences with your Salesforce instance:

  • Deliver account intelligence and alerts directly to sales within Salesforce. Keep your sales team focused on the most engaged accounts, and give them visibility into how your advertising is engaging their book of business.
  • Streamline tactic audience management by leveraging dynamic rules based on Salesforce objects, such as triggering tactics based on opportunity stage or account status.
  • Save operational time by eliminating .CSV downloads and manual audience management steps, as well as any manual work delivering engagement data to your sales team.

How to Integrate Salesforce and Terminus Ad Experiences

Authorizing the Advertising Integration

The Terminus Salesforce integration follows the standard OAuth Web Server Authentication pattern. The integration is simple and does not require any package installation or modification of Salesforce instance:


  • Terminus users create a login account for the Ad Experiences product. 
  • In the "Integration" tab, under Settings, users will see a prompt to "Authenticate Salesforce."
  • Terminus User provides credentials (email address and password) for a Salesforce user that has access to the required objects.
  • Terminus User is presented with a Salesforce-hosted authentication page from within the Terminus Web Application.

Installing the Sales Insights Package

Someone with READ/WRITE SFDC access should be the one the one downloading the Sales Insights package (typically SFDC Admin/Operations roles). Once the package is installed, users will have the ability to customize the layout on the Account object only within Salesforce.


Additionally, the package install will include some out-of-the-box reporting templates available in the “TerminusReports” folder on the Reports object and/or the Terminus tab.


Please reference
this support article for specific instructions on how to install this package.


What objects are accessed in the advertising integration?

Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, and Campaigns.

Additionally, the Terminus app will auto-map a set of standard field mappings across the Lead, Contact, Account, and Opportunity objects to enable additional reporting metrics, and to determine how account information [e.g. Name, Website] should be pulled in for advertising.


How does the Ad Experiences integration use data from Leads and Contacts in Salesforce, specifically?

If you build an advertising tactic off of SFDC lead or contact data, Ad Experiences strips out any personally identifiable contact information, and only uses the company email domain (for example, rachel@terminus.com) and Company Name (if available) field to identify your desired target accounts.

Is a separate Salesforce user required for the advertising integration and/or the Sales Insights package install?

No, customers can use their own Salesforce login and credentials to authenticate with As Experiences. The advertising integration will work as long as the user has access to the above mentioned objects in Salesforce.

However, we would strongly recommend that customers have a dedicated API user authenticate the advertising integration and install the Sales Insights package, as you can easily control what this user has permission to in Salesforce. With this method you will always have a user with correct permissions available and isn’t subject to the person leaving the organization.

Can I test the Ad Experiences integration with a Salesforce Sandbox?

Yes, both the Ad Experiences integration and Sales Insights package can be tested in a sandbox environment. Please contact your CSM or support@terminus.com to set this up.

What security precautions are in place?

Terminus follows industry best practices related to application security and compliance. Both the Terminus web application as well as our API connection with Salesforce requires a secure HTTPS connection. Terminus is an AppExchange approved vendor and performs regular web application vulnerability scans and third party penetration testing in accordance with industry standards such as OWASP, SANS/CWE Top 25, and CERT Secure.

Does Terminus store our Salesforce credentials?

No, Terminus securely passes this information directly to Salesforce and does not store username or password.

Does Terminus store our Salesforce data?

Terminus only stores the Salesforce data that you are acting on inside Terminus (advertising). Lead, Contact, Opportunity, Account data that is necessary to operate Terminus Ad Experiences.

Does Terminus need Read and Write permissions?

By default, Terminus advertising integration only needs READ access to use CRM data for account targeting. To push Terminus data back into Salesforce, the user who installs the Sales Insights package will need to have READ and WRITE access to the related Terminus fields.

How many API calls does Terminus use daily?

Terminus uses the Salesforce bulk API for both features. Thus, the daily call amount is typically a small amount - an average of 1 call for every 10k accounts we have to update.

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