How the Terminus Integration with Salesforce Works

Terminus allows you to authenticate your Salesforce account using's secure 3rd party authentication flow. We are able to do this as a Certified Salesforce App Exchange Partner.

Once you have authenticated your account, we can then use the API to add accounts pulled from your Campaigns/Leads/Accounts/Opportunities to ad campaigns in an automated nightly process.

We take these Campaigns/Leads/Accounts/Opportunities and use the Account Name to match them against a database that we have built (with data partners) of ~250 million devices that have been identified as belonging to job titles and companies. These matched devices have been pre-cookied to serve digital advertising by our data partners.

We are not performing any updates to connected Salesforce accounts. We are only reading data to build these campaign audiences.

We are able to build rules for this automated Campaigns/Lead/Accounts/Opportunities import based on any custom fields that you have on your Campaigns/Leads/Accounts/Opportunities objects in Salesforce.

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