What kind of destination page should I be leading individuals in my targeted accounts to?

Start by defining your campaign strategy using the 7 Effective ABM Strategies and Metrics. Based on the strategy you choose, you'll be able to select the type of content best suited to your audience. 

Demand Generation

  • Blog post, eBook, Infographic, Whitepaper 

Pipeline Velocity

  • Video testimonial, Case studies, Webinar

Sales Velocity

  • Video testimonial, Case studies, "How To" content, ROI, Competitive Analysis


  • Implementation Guide, Tutorials, "How To" resources


  • Product webinar, Case study, ROI

Land and Expand

  • Case study, ROI, Video testimonial

"Always On" Aircover 

  • Quarterly reports, Thought leadership, Newsletters


It is best to send individuals at these target accounts to a page with un-gated content (blog posting, case study, slideshare, video, etc.) as we are engaging with these individuals proactively, on their own terms. In other words, these individuals may be not be warmed up to your brand yet and this content should serve to reinforce the brand message.

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