Aggregate Campaign View

The Terminus Dashboard is the home page where all of your campaigns are housed. This view displays an overall picture of your Terminus campaign performance on many different levels. You can return to this view at any time by clicking the Terminus logo in the top left corner of the screen.


When you scroll down to the engagement section, there are two reports that you can access to get a deeper understanding of your campaign performance:

  1. Aggregate Creative Report
  2. Aggregate Account Report



Aggregate Creative Report

The Aggregate Creative Report allows you to view the performance of each of the ads within your Terminus tactics. This is a great way to see what messaging and creative is performing well and what's not across all your Terminus tactics.


You can see the total number of impressions and clicks for each ad as well as the average CTR, CPM, and CPC. This view also shows you the total spend and the tactics in which this ad was used. 

Aggregate Account Report

The Aggregate Account Report shows engagement metrics across all of the target accounts in your Terminus tactics. Learn more about this report here


This is a great way to see how your target accounts are engaging across all of your Terminus campaigns. You can also export this report as a CSV for additional analysis. 

If you have any questions about any of these views or the associated reports, please reach out to or your CSM. 

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