How many accounts can I target in each advertising tactic?

Before running any Terminus advertising campaigns, it’s important to take a step back and consider your overall goals with account-based marketing and how Terminus campaigns will help support those goals. Your advertising messaging, content, and budget, should all correlate directly with the size of your target account lists and the goals for those individual segments.

With account-based advertising, your approach should always be more segmented than other more traditional digital advertising approaches that may target a broader audience. The most successful Terminus campaigns incorporate messaging that is tailored to a specific stage in the buyer's or customer's journey, or to other important factors like persona or industry.

When setting your media spend budget, keep in mind that Terminus differs from other types of display advertising. Because Terminus proactively targets your desired personas and functions within the accounts you specify, your reach is hyper-focused and your spend is more cost-effective.

Further, you do not want to include so many companies in your advertising lists to the extent that your ad spend cannot be spread to effectively reach and serve impressions to all individuals across target accounts.

In the Terminus platform, we set a maximum threshold of 1,500 companies per tactic (for display and IP targeting) to ensure your campaign performs optimally. These companies can be turned on or off at any time, and new accounts can be added in as your targeting strategy for that segment evolves. 


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