Onboarding Preparation

What should I expect during onboarding?

The goal of our onboarding session is to ensure that you are comfortable launching and managing campaigns through the Terminus platform. If you come prepared with your creative (banner ads) and landing page URLs we can walk you through getting your first campaign up and running! This campaign will serve as a template for future campaigns - to build upon and reference as you get ramped up with Terminus. We will also offer guidance on campaign strategy and goals and provide you with best practices and great ideas to make you an account-based marketing hero!

What's the agenda?

  • Campaign setup and management
  • Review goals and plan for success
  • Best practices, tips & tricks, campaign ideas, etc.

What will I need?

Not much! You'll just need your ad creatives, landing page URLs, and an idea of how you'd like to pull in target accounts using the objects in your Salesforce (i.e. Campaigns, Leads, Accounts, Opportunities). If you're not sure, don't worry...we're here to help!

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