Chat Experiences: Pushing Leads & Contacts

You will need to have access to the Terminus Chat feature to use this guide. If you do not have access to Terminus Chat, please reach out to your CSM to discuss your packaging.


With Terminus Chat, you have the ability to push leads & contacts to your connected CRM or Marketing Automation Platform.  This feature allows you to:

  • Show the value of Terminus Chat on your revenue metrics with revenue attribution.
  • Show details about the chat conversations in your CRM or MAP as activities. 
  • Report on the number of leads produced by Terminus Chat in Data Studio.

Connected Systems

Terminus Chat has integrations with the following systems, which typically track lead & contact details.  

Feature Details

Once your integrations have been defined, Terminus Chat can report leads and contact detail into the various systems in two ways: 

Playbook Automation

Using Terminus Playbooks, it is a best practice to use a concluding play when an email has been collected to automatically push the chat detail to the correct system. 

1. Begin by creating a condition in your concluding play, that looks for an email address being set.  


2. In your concluding play rule, outline that when the value is set, you will take action. 


3. Toggle the "Push To Salesforce" action and assign the appropriate account owner and campaign owner if applicable for your activity.  


This same process can be used for Marketo, Outreach, Pardot, and other integrations.  

The Rep Interface

Reps are also able to manually push leads to your connected CRM or Marketing Automation Platform.  When viewing an applicable chat you will see in the information panel the option to push leads and other information to your connected CRM and MAP systems.  


1. When an account has been identified, you will see the option to sync the detail in Salesforce


2. In the example below, we have successfully identified the right contact, and we are looking to link our conversation to the existing Salesforce Contact Object. 


3. In the event that we have not correctly matched the contact, you are able to create a new contact or lead in Salesforce by selecting the correct option in the "I Want To" section.  


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