These reports will measure the impact of Email Experiences across all of your banner ads with two reports - the Engagement Report and the Campaign Rollup Report. 



To access these reports, you must have Terminus Email Experiences as part of your subscription. A Salesforce integration (if available) is recommended to capture opportunity pipeline and revenue, but it is not required. At this time, Email Experiences does not support other CRM integrations.


Engagement Report

This report provides an export of the past year's worth of engagements. It showcases the recipients that engaged with your banner content, when the engagement occurred, and which employees received the most banner engagement. Use the report to see which contacts and accounts have engaged with multiple banner ads and more!

To download the report, navigate to the Campaigns page and click on the "..." in the top right corner and select, "Send Engagement Report".



**Due to the size of the report, it will be sent the following morning after the report is requested.**


Report Columns include:

Campaign Name
Sigstr User (the sender)




Campaign Rollup Report

The Campaign Rollup report helps to measure both the effectiveness of campaigns as well as the Salesforce Opportunities that have been influenced due to banner engagements (if Salesforce is connected). The report will export the primary metrics for all of the Email Experiences banner ad campaigns that have been created of all time for your account. You can use the report to compare the efficacy of each banner ad as well as the revenue that it has helped influence (with the Salesforce integration).

To download the report, navigate to the Campaigns page and click on the "..." in the top right corner and select, "Send Campaign Rollup".



*Note that this report can take up to 1 hour to generate due to the size of the report.*


Report Columns include:
Campaign Name
Campaign Created
Campaign ID
Campaign Type
Click Rate
Unique Viewers
Unique Clickers
Unique Click Rate
SFDC Open Generated #
SFDC Open Generated $
SFDC Open Influenced #
SFDC Open Influenced $
SFDC Won Generated #
SFDC Won Generated $
SFDC Won Influenced #
SFDC Won Influenced $



*Screenshot does not show all columns of data available*

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