Terminus Chat + Outreach Data Integration Elements

Terminus Chat + Outreach Data Integration

Terminus Chat and Outreach have several ways of passing information between the systems to provide a personalized chat experience for your site visitors and to allow your reps to send chat detail to Outreach, including creating Prospects or recording the chat details as a Prospect Activity.

Terminus Chat Data Elements available to Outreach

Terminus Chat can map data generated via the Chat interface directly to fields on the Prospect object in Outreach.  

Standard Mappings:

As a part of the Terminus app installation, Terminus will automatically connect the following fields to your Prospect record.  The user can elect to update an existing prospect record or create a new one.

In addition, Terminus Chat will provide a record of the chat on the Prospect Activity tab, including time stamp details, the rep and visitor information and what was said (upto 2000 characters).

Custom Mappings: 

The Terminus Chat admin can also add custom fields to Outreach via the Terminus Outreach integration settings under custom data mapping.

The Data Mapping Type allows you to select the type of information you will pass on to a field in Outreach:  

  • Value: When you are going to send a persistent value to Outreach, for example lead source = chat.
  • Variable:  When you have a variable you are going to draw on from a URL string or UTM code.
  • Data Ask/Element:  Terminus customers can set up custom Data Elements to capture specific details about the visitor captured throughout the course of the chat to be passed. These can include email addresses, name and company name.

Custom Mapping Examples (not required):

Terminus Chat Outreach
Type: Value Variable Name: Chat Object: Prospect Field: Source
Type: Data Ask/Element Variable Name: Region Object: Prospect Field: Region
Type: Variable Variable Name: UTM Object: Prospect Field: UTM Source


Outreach Data Elements available to Terminus Chat

The primary purpose for Outreach data to be available in Terminus Chat is to:

  • Give the rep information about the user
  • Provide a personalized bot and chat experiences
  • Route conversations to the correct Account Owner (ABM Chat)

Terminus Chat makes available all fields from the Outreach API to prepopulate Data Elements and for ChatBot personalization.


In addition, the following fields from the Outreach API will show via the info panel:

Terminus Chat (Info Panel View) Outreach
Company Prospect:Company
Email Prospect:Email
First Name Prospect:First Name
Home Phones Prospect:Home Phones
 Last Name Prospect:Last Name
Mobile Phones Prospect:Mobile Phones
 Name Prospect:Name
Other Phones Prospect:Other Phones
 Source Prospect:Source
Tags Prospect:Tags
 Title Prospect:Title
Touched At Prospect:Touched At
 Voip Phones Prospect:Voip Phones
Website Prospect:Website
Url1 Prospect:Url1
Work Phones Prospect:Work Phones
Website Prospect:Website


Finally, if desired, Terminus can use the Outreach Account Owner to route the lead to the correct individual on the team.  

  1. Enable the ABM Chat Routing
  2. Map the user name from Outreach to the correct user name in Terminus Chat in order to connect the records.  


First Time Visitors & Return Visitor connections

At this time, only return chat visitors which have been shared with Outreach will automatically see both Outreach and Terminus collected details in the info panel and have access to use the Outreach information for personalization purposes.



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