1/3/2018 - Terminus Acquires BrightFunnel

Following the announcement of Terminus' acquisition of BrightFunnel, here are some answers to FAQs about what this acquisition means and how it will impact you, our customer.  

What is Terminus announcing?

The Terminus acquisition of BrightFunnel.

What does BrightFunnel do?

BrightFunnel is a powerful platform for connecting marketing efforts to revenue through best-in-class B2B analytics, including AI-powered multi-touch attribution, account-based measurement, and revenue funnel analytics. BrightFunnel gives go-to-market teams unprecedented visibility into the influence that all online and offline activity has on revenue, and it allows marketers to drill down to account-level reporting through its ABM module. Learn more about BrightFunnel.

Why did Terminus acquire BrightFunnel?

Together, the combined powers of Terminus and BrightFunnel will help customers execute their go-to-market initiatives, whether they are account-based or a mix of ABM and inbound. Now, as we move forward as one team and one solution, we are excited about how much value we will deliver to our customers. Acquiring BrightFunnel has accelerated our product vision by nearly 24 months!

Where will the company’s offices be located?

Both company’s offices will remain in their current locations.

  • Terminus – Atlanta, GA
  • BrightFunnel – San Francisco, CA

How do the Terminus and BrightFunnel solutions complement each other?

BrightFunnel and Terminus share the same vision to create a modern B2B platform to help sales and marketing teams execute and measure targeted go-to-market strategies and account-based programs. BrightFunnel is equally as passionate and mission-driven as our own at Terminus. Together, Terminus and BrightFunnel bring together account-based advertising, digital orchestration, reporting and analytics (web, campaign, and account performance), plus multi-touch attribution to enable modern B2B go-to-market teams.

How does this acquisition benefit Terminus customers?

With the acquisition of BrightFunnel, we are addressing some of the top challenges of ABM transformation – how to attribute, measure, and optimize revenue across every marketing and sales channel, campaign, and initiative, including account-based marketing and advertising. By combining our solutions, we will help marketers and their partners across the go-to-market team to:

  • Close the loop on measuring account-based marketing and advertising.
  • Understand the influence of campaigns throughout the buyer’s journey.
  • Create a 360-degree view of engagement that supports one revenue team.

How will this affect the Terminus product roadmap?

The BrightFunnel acquisition accelerates our product vision by at least two years. We are adding more engineers to support the combined vision of making marketing analytics and attribution more accessible to all B2B teams, and more focused on account-based practices as we continue to build Terminus, the most widely used ABM platform.

What’s next…?

Together, Terminus and BrightFunnel deliver best-in-class account-based execution and B2B analytics for today’s unified revenue team. As BrightFunnel and Terminus continue to align in 2018 and beyond, our aim is to deliver the most-successful and easiest-to-use solution for B2B go-to-market teams operationalizing ABM.

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