What to Measure in Terminus

While there are many different types of Terminus campaigns you can run, each with their own goals and metrics, all of those metrics contribute in some way to the three overarching goals of ABM: 

  • Account Engagement – Are your target accounts engaging on your website? 
  • Account Progression – Did a higher percentage of target accounts progress to the next positive stage in the pipeline? Did target accounts move through the sales cycle quicker, enabling my team to close deals faster?
  • Revenue – Did target accounts become closed-won deals and contribute to generating more revenue?

These metrics will take time to show results, which is why you’ll need to commit to an ABM program, Terminus included, for a long enough period of time be able to measure success. We recommend running Terminus campaigns for at least as long as your sales cycle before you begin measuring effectiveness.

Terminus Success Metrics

When measuring the success of Terminus, there are metrics you should look at and ones you shouldn’t. ABM metrics such as engagement, funnel progression, and revenue are great measures of success with Terminus, while form fills and net-new leads are not.


What to Measure

Metrics such as reach, impressions, and clicks are key indicators to see if your Terminus campaign messaging, creative, and CTAs are reaching your target audience and resonating with them. Advertising metrics provide initial insight into how Terminus is performing, but they do not tell the complete picture of Terminus success. You must also look at website engagement from your target accounts as well as progression, pipeline velocity, and revenue to truly measure the impact and success of Terminus. 

What not to Measure

Because Terminus is an ABM tool, it does not translate to traditional lead-based goals and metrics. While these metrics may indicate success for other marketing campaigns outside of Terminus, display advertising is not an ideal channel for lead generation and Terminus is not a lead acquisition tool. Terminus ads are used to influence and engage decision-makers at your target accounts and should be used in tandem with other ABM channels to drive engagement.

Metrics to Track by Strategy

Based on the type of campaign you’re running, here’s a deeper dive into some of the metrics our customers use to track success. While some of these metrics are visible in your Terminus account, some may also require reporting from your CRM or other external data source. There are also lots of other types of campaigns you can run, but these are the most common campaigns we see our customers running.


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