12/5/2017 - New Terminus Login Page and Navigation Bar

The Terminus team is super excited about the release of redesigned login page and navigation bar. While these changes may seem small, they are the initial steps that pave the way to a whole new look and feel for the Terminus platform, coming over the next few quarters. Let’s take a look at the changes and learn a bit more about why we made them.

First, here are the main changes:

  • New login page
  • New navigation bar
  • New button to launch a campaign/tactic

Login Page

The updates to the login page were geared towards giving it a cleaner, simpler look while also providing an area for us to share content about Terminus news and updates.

The Old

The old Terminus login page was functional, but we felt the page was a missed opportunity to share additional information and resources about Terminus.


The New

The new Terminus login page has a much cleaner look. The split screen allows us to share recent news and updates from Terminus on the left side and provides a place for you to login on the right.


Navigation Bar

The new Terminus navigation was designed and built to support a more robust ABM platform for campaign orchestration across channels and actionable reporting between marketing and sales teams. The updates we made were based on a combination of feedback we received from customers to clarify and simplify it and the need to eventually expand it once certain elements of the Terminus Product Roadmap are released. The main goal was to reduce the amount of screen space while also making it extremely easy for users to understand and use.

The Old

The old navigation bar used icons to link to main areas in the platform, including Home, Ad Library, Support, Settings, and Logging out.


Many customers shared that the icons were confusing and it was not clear what they linked to in the platform. There was also a secondary navigation that linked to New Campaign, Site Visits, and Ad Library. This secondary nav was a bit redundant and the two together took up a significant amount of real estate on the page, which pushed key metrics and reports further down the page.

The New

The new navigation contains only one bar that is more condensed, clean, and clear –– leaving more room for building tactics and reviewing results. The links to the Dashboard, Site Visits, Ad Library, and Account Settings are unmistakable, making it easier to navigate through your Terminus account.


Launch a Campaign or Tactic

You might be wondering, "where did the New Campaign button go?" In this new release, you’ll see a green button right below the navigation bar that takes you to the new campaign/tactic creation page.



Since you do not need to always create a new campaign or tactic when you’re in Terminus, we’ve made the button expand and shrink so it’s always easily accessible without taking up too much room on the page. If you have any questions about these updates, please contact support@terminus.com or reach out to your CSM.

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