12/8/2017 - New Campaign and Account Filters in Account-Based Visitor ID

The Terminus team has released new filtering capabilities in Account-Based Visitor ID that make it even easier to analyze web engagement from your target accounts.

The enhancements include: 

  • Filter by campaign
  • Filter by account

Filter by Campaign or Account

The ability to sort website visit data by specific campaigns and/or accounts allows you to more easily see how Terminus is driving accounts to engage with your website. The date range field helps you narrow results down even further based on a specific time period.


When you search for an account and the search term applies to multiple accounts, we’ll show all of the ones that match. Once the search terms match a single account, the graph showing total visits and impressions will update to display only data for that account. (Note: Filtering to an account will find the account in either the Targeted or Potential tab.)

Filtering by a campaign will show all Terminus campaigns and campaign creation date in a drop-down menu – regardless of status – and you can only select one campaign at a time. When you choose a campaign, the default view will show all targeted accounts that are or have been a part of any tactic within that campaign. (Note: Potential will show no results since the filter applies to all accounts that are being targeted.) This will also update the graph to only show total visits and impressions from accounts within that campaign.

If you export a CSV when a campaign, account, or date filter is applied, you will see the time range and rows that were included in the filtered results.

How to Use the Filters

Account Filter – Use the account filter to see website engagement from a specific account. This allows you to drill deeper into an account’s website activity and see how many unique visitors came to your site, when, how often, and what pages they visited. Having account-level data is crucial to understanding how your ABM efforts are driving decision-makers from those target accounts to engage with your website and using the account filter will help you get to that data even faster.

Being able to easily find and export engagement data for one account is also incredibly valuable information to share with sales. Imagine a salesperson needs to know how deeply engaged an account is on your website. You can now quickly find the account and share their account-based web behavior with the sales rep. A quick win for ABM!

Campaign Filter Use the campaign filter to see how a specific Terminus campaign is driving website engagement for the target accounts in the campaign.

For example, you’re running a pre-targeting campaign that includes Terminus ads and sales outreach. You can use the campaign filter to export results each week to see which accounts are most engaged and ready for sales to reach out. You can also use the campaign filter to see if your ad messaging and creative is effective. If you see a lift in website engagement from accounts in a specific campaign, you know the messaging is working.

The ability to select a date range still exists for both account- or campaign-specific web engagement, but there has been an update to way dates are displayed for campaigns. When selecting a date range filter for a campaign, the graph will automatically extend 4 weeks prior to the campaign start date and 4 weeks after the end date (or until the current date). This smart date filtering ensures that you’re able to visualize the entire lifecycle of the campaign and the trends in web engagement driven by that campaign.

How to Share the Reports

When you filter by a specific campaign or account, the data in the graph and the accounts listed will update to reflect the filter(s) you set. You can export that data to a CSV, but for an even easier way to share that data, simply copy the link to your browser and share it. As long as the person you’re sharing it with has a Terminus login, they’ll be able to put that link into their browser and access the report with your filters applied.

If you have any questions about these enhancements, please send them to support@terminus.com or reach out to your CSM directly.

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