A custom Terminus Weekly ABM Report is sent to all Terminus Ad Experiences users every Monday to provide an overview of how Terminus campaigns are impacting target accounts. It highlights the “hottest” accounts from the previous week, aggregates weekly ABM results across all tactics, provides updates on the overall results of each campaign, and alerts you to tactics with status changes.

You can use the data in this email to:

  • Alert sales to the most engaged accounts
  • Share ABM results with leadership
  • Review campaigns and tactics with your marketing team
  • Respond to changes in a tactic’s status

The Terminus Weekly ABM Report Email


Let’s walk through each section of the weekly email report.

Last Week’s Performance


In this first section, you’ll see Top Row Metrics for the previous Saturday through Friday. (Note: This information shows only weekly results and thus will not be the same as the aggregate numbers within the Terminus dashboard.)

The Top Row Metrics section contains data on:

  • Engaged Accounts – The number of active accounts that have seen at least one Terminus ad during the previous week and the total media spend used on those accounts.
  • Visiting Accounts* – The number of target accounts that visited your website and the total number of visits from those companies. These accounts must have also had at least one ad impression last week. Using Account-Based Visitor ID, Terminus can identify a web visitor’s company even the visitor doesn’t complete a web form.
  • Opened Opportunities** – The number of opportunities opened on target accounts in the past week that were influenced by Terminus account-based advertising. It also includes the value of marketing influenced pipeline.
  • Won Deals** – The number of deals won in the previous week that were influenced by Terminus advertising. It also includes the total value of new revenue won.

*Visiting Account data is only available if you have the Account-Based Visitor ID feature in place in your Terminus account.

**Opened Opportunities and Won Deals data is only available if at least one of your Terminus tactics uses the Salesforce integration.

Last Week’s Top Accounts

This section shows last week’s top-performing accounts based on ad impressions, unique website visitors, and ad clicks. The three sections provide incredibly valuable information to share with your sales team to help them initiate and prioritize outreach based on account engagement.

Each section highlights key activities and engagement in target accounts, including:

Accounts with the Most Impressions – Accounts that have seen the most ad impressions in the past week, sorted from greatest to least, with up to 20 accounts listed.


Accounts with the Most Web Engagement – Accounts with the most unique website visitors that have seen at least 1 ad impression in the previous week, sorted from greatest to least and listing up to 20 accounts. Note: If you do not have Account-Based Visitor ID set up, you will not see this section.


Accounts with Most Ad Clicks – Accounts with the most ad clicks last week sorted from greatest to least and listing up to 20 accounts.


There is also a button at the bottom of the email that links to the Terminus Dashboard for easy access to your Terminus account.

Overall Progress: Active Campaigns

This section is a little different than the others because it shows overall lifetime results for each Terminus campaign that was active in the last week. If you have multiple tactics in any of your campaigns, it will show the aggregate results of the tactics (i.e., the campaign-level results). This is the only section in the email that shows aggregate results instead of weekly results.


For each active campaign, you’ll see the total number of accounts in the campaign and engagement metrics such as impressions, clicks, and web visits* from those target accounts. Campaigns that utilize the Salesforce integration and progression rules will also show how many accounts progressed and the value of those accounts.

If you click on the campaign name, you will be taken directly to that campaign page within Terminus.

All Tactics with Status Change

This section highlights any tactics that had a status change the previous week.


You can click on the tactic name to go directly to that tactic page in the Terminus platform. This section helps you keep a pulse on tactics that have changed over the last week, including ones that just started running, ones that were paused, or ones that ran out of budget.

There are also direct links at the bottom of the email to access our Knowledge Base, ABM Terminal resource center, and Product Blog, so you can stay in the know on all things Terminus and account-based marketing.


What if I don’t receive the email?

Every Terminus user should receive the Terminus Weekly ABM Report each week (typically on Mondays). Please check all of your email folders, including junk mail, promos, etc. Once you find it, you can move it to your inbox, and it should begin to show up there moving forward.

If you have any trouble locating the email or are not receiving it, contact your CSM or success@terminus.com and we will ensure you’re signed up.

How do I manage which teammates receive this email?

To manage which people receive the Weekly Terminus ABM Report, simply reach out to your CSM. We can add as many users as you’d like to the distribution.

How do I unsubscribe from this email?

To unsubscribe, simply notify your CSM or send an email to success@terminus.com.

Why is the data in the Terminus Weekly ABM Report different than what I see when I log into my Terminus dashboard?

The data in the email is from the previous week, Saturday to Friday. The data in your Terminus account may need to be filtered to show the same dates as the email. In the email, the accounts with the most web engagement only shows accounts that have seen at least one ad impression that week and had a high number of unique web visitors.

If you have any questions, your CSM is happy to review this with you.

What does the Terminus Weekly ABM Report look like if I don't have Account-Based Visitor ID installed? 

If you do not have Account-Based Visitor ID installed, you will not see Visiting Accounts or any other website data. In Last Week’s Top Accounts, you will not see account web engagement unless Account-Based Visitor ID is installed. Additionally, you will not see visits under the engagement column without Account-Based Visitor ID installed. If you would like to learn more about getting Account-Based Visitor ID set up, reach out to your CSM or contact support@terminus.com.

What does the Terminus Weekly ABM Report look like if I don’t use the Salesforce integration?

The email will appear slightly different from the images above. Below is an example of what the email will look like for you. As you can see, this version still includes lots of actionable data to report on.


In the Last Week’s Performance section, you will not see Opened Opportunities or Won Deals if you do not use the Salesforce integration. 

In the Overall Progress: Active Accounts section, you will not see account progression if the tactic audience was not created using Salesforce rules. 

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