This integration is available to all Terminus Ad Experiences customers.

NOTE: This integration is currently only supported for contact-based workflows in HubSpot, and is not compatible with newly-released company, deal, quote, and ticket-based workflows.

Integration Overview

Terminus Ad Experiences integrates with HubSpot Marketing software to allow marketers to trigger account-based advertising tactics from within the HubSpot Workflow tool. The integration enables accounts to be added or removed from a Terminus display or LinkedIn-integrated tactic based on actions in a HubSpot Workflow.

Since many HubSpot Workflows require some form of contact information for their nurture programs, this integration allows you to use account-based advertising with Terminus to expand beyond the contact to reach other key stakeholders in the account, even if you don’t have any of their contact information, by coordinating digital advertising with nurture touch points from HubSpot.

Remember that a Terminus advertising tactic cannot serve more than 1,500 accounts at one time, and a LinkedIn tactic cannot serve more than 200 accounts at one time. You will need to choose Workflows with 200/1,500 or fewer high-value, qualified contacts depending on the advertising channel you chose. 

The integration utilizes the “Trigger a webhook” action within HubSpot’s Workflow to input information from your Terminus or LinkedIn tactic.

Creating a Tactic

Step 1: Create a New Tactic in Terminus

To build a HubSpot Workflow that incorporates a Terminus tactic, you will first need to build the tactic within Terminus and then input information from that tactic into the HubSpot Workflow. First, click on New Campaign in your Account-Based Marketing Hub and choose to create a new campaign.

Terminus Display Advertisement 


LinkedIn Sponsored Content 


On the Audience tab, choose HubSpot as the source for your audience.

Click next and follow the steps to build out the rest of the tactic just as you would. In the Targeting tab, select the targeting level by choosing specific departments, seniority, and/or expansion options. Read more about levels of targeting in Terminus here. In the Settings step, upload your creative, add landing page links, and set your budget. Confirm your choices in Review and launch the tactic.

(Note: No accounts will be added to the tactic until the Terminus webhook URLs are added to the Webhook action in the HubSpot Workflow and contacts reach that step in the Workflow. Once the Workflow is turned on and the webhook action is executed, accounts will begin flowing into the tactic.)


To learn more about building a Terminus tactic, check out this article. Your customer success manager is also available to help you build a tactic.

Step 2: Get Terminus Webhook URLs for HubSpot Workflow

Navigate back to the Campaign Overview page, and select your newly created HubSpot tactic by clicking on the tactic name.

In Tactic Settings, you’ll see the URLs you need to add to the webhook step in the HubSpot Workflow.


You will notice two URLs – one to start display advertising for an account and one to stop display advertisements for that account. 

Step 3: Add Terminus to a HubSpot Workflow

Next, open your HubSpot Marketing account in another tab. Under the Contacts tab, navigate to Workflows. Either choose an existing Workflow or build a new one. Learn more about HubSpot Marketing Workflows here.

First, you will set up the enrollment criteria, which will determine how contacts enter the Workflow:


You will then set up any initial actions that you want to incorporate into the Workflow. When you’re ready to add Terminus into the Workflow, select the action “Trigger a webhook”.


To properly add the Terminus tactic to the webhook, do the following:

  1. Change the Method from GET to POST.
  2. Copy the Start Display Advertisement URL from the Terminus tactic.
  3. Paste the Start Display Advertisement URL in the Webhook URL box.

HubSpot Trigger Webhook
(Note: do not select "Use authentication.")

In the HubSpot Workflow, you will see a new step called “Trigger a webhook” with the URL to start Terminus advertisements. When a contact reaches this stage of the Workflow, the contact’s account will be added to the Terminus tactic.



Step 4: Stop Serving Terminus Ads to an Account Using the Workflow

Finally, to stop Terminus advertising to the account, you will need to add another step to the Workflow.

Follow the same steps as above, but use the Stop Display Advertisement URL from the Terminus tactic.

To remove an account from the Terminus tactic, you’ll need to:

  1. Add a new step to the Workflow.
  2. Choose the action “Trigger a webhook.”
  3. Change the Method from GET to POST.
  4. Copy the Stop Display Advertisement URL from the Terminus tactic.
  5. Paste the Stop Display Advertisement URL in the Webhook URL box.

In Terminus, the account will now appear under the Inactive tab so that you can retrieve the results from the ad tactic for that account at any time.

TIP: Ensure that there is enough time between the starting and stopping of the Terminus advertising tactic for an account to be impacted by your ads. We recommend running Terminus advertising for no less than two weeks. Four weeks or longer will typically produce the strongest impact on accounts because it allows for all of the stakeholders to see a meaningful number of impressions. Use the Add Delay action to ensure enough time for Terminus ads to impact the account.


Which Workflows should I add Terminus to? When during the Workflow should I trigger Terminus campaigns? 

Terminus is an account-based marketing tool and ABM requires a focused approach to marketing. Instead of trying to engage as many accounts as possible, you want to use it with accounts that are a good fit for your company and fall within your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). You can learn more about defining your ICP here.

Thus, you will want to use Terminus to serve ads only to contacts that are qualified and from companies that fit your ICP. With the flexibility HubSpot Workflows and Terminus both provide, there are virtually endless possibilities. Your CSM can help you strategize the most effective ways to add Terminus to a HubSpot Workflow. Learn more about the standard use cases here.

How does Terminus take information from HubSpot and use that to target accounts?

To reach the key stakeholders in an account with Terminus, it needs to have the account name or URL but does not require additional contact data. From the Workflow, HubSpot sends Terminus the contact’s email, company name, and company URL. Terminus will use that information to find an account and the right people from that account from our database with billions of data points on B2B companies and professionals. Terminus can match an account using any of the three pieces of data HubSpot sends to Terminus (email, company name, or URL), but we recommend that your company records in HubSpot have an accurate account name and URL for the best results.

What happens if my Workflow pulls in more than 1,500 accounts?

A single Terminus tactic cannot serve ads to more than 1,500 accounts at any given time or more than 200 accounts for a LinkedIn tactic. If your Workflow sends an account to a tactic that has reached the maximum account limit, the account will not be added until another account is removed or exits the tactic. Accounts can be removed from a tactic using the HubSpot Workflow with the "Stop webhook" action.

How do I stop Terminus ads for accounts sent from a HubSpot Workflow?

To stop serving Terminus ads to an account, you need to add a Stop step to your HubSpot Workflow. To do this, you need to: 

  1. Add a new step to the Workflow.
  2. Choose the action “Trigger a webhook.”
  3. Change the Method from GET to POST.
  4. Copy the Stop Display Advertisement URL from the Terminus tactic.
  5. Paste the Stop Display Advertisement URL in the Webhook URL box.

When a contact reaches the Stop step, HubSpot will send a message to Terminus to stop serving ads to that account. The account will be shown in the Inactive tab in Terminus. We recommend that the account remains in Terminus tactic for at least 14 days to allow your ads to have a meaningful impact on the account. If a contact does not reach the Stop step, that account will remain in the Terminus tactic unless you manually pause it in the Terminus app.

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