The Aggregate Account Report allows you to see total reach, impressions, clicks, and media spend for each target account. The Aggregate View (account by account) provides advertising results from all tactics, while the Detail View (tactic by tactic) shows individual account results from each individual tactic. These reports make it easier to track marketing’s influence and spend on a target account from your Terminus advertising campaigns. With search and filter capabilities, you can export the report as a CSV and receive it via email.

Accessing the Aggregate Account Report

To access the Aggregate Account Report, navigate to the Dashboard tab from the Ad Experiences navigation, and click the "Aggregate Account Report" link.


Let’s walk through the two tabs and the information available in each view.

Detail View (tactic by tactic)

When you click to view the Aggregate Account Report, the Detail View (tactic by tactic) is the default view. It shows advertising results for each account by the individual tactic.


(Note: if an account is in more than one tactic, the account will appear on multiple rows — one for each tactic.)

For example, if you targeted Microsoft and in three different tactics throughout the buying process, Microsoft would be listed three times, showing the results from each tactic.  

This view allows you to better understand how much influence each tactic had on the account by showing reach, impressions, clicks, and spend by company and tactic. The campaign and tactic columns link to the specific campaign and tactic, so you can click on the link to view more information. You can also search for a company or filter by specific date range to further segment the results or export the results to CSV.

The new Detail View is especially valuable for customers who have accounts in multiple Terminus tactics because it shows each tactic’s influence on an account.

Aggregate View (Account by Account)

The Aggregate View (account by account) aggregates reach, impressions, clicks, and spend across all tactics for each account.


This view shows overall Terminus advertising results for each account across all tactics, giving a holistic view of the impact your Terminus advertising campaigns had on any given account. Note that you will see all of the tactics an account has been in listed under the tactics column.

The Aggregate Account Report further enhances the ability to report on the overall impact of Terminus advertising at the account level. Just like the Detail view, this view is filterable by date and company and can be exported for deeper analysis.

If you have any questions about the Aggregate Account Report, please email or reach out to your CSM.

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